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Growth Through Trends

Industrial Report: Growth Through Trends

The industrial space is currently in a transformation process with investments being made on major mega trends. These mega trends are very diverse and include technological innovations, organizational trends and new business models. The objective of this report is evaluate the status of industrial manufacturers in the major trends related to eCommerce and data driven […]

Using AI to measure customer loyalty

Using AI to measure customer loyalty

Summary; Beyond your top 10-20 accounts, understanding loyalty is really tough It requires understanding all of the parts and service transactions with a customer, but in the context of the equipment they own, their operating profile and maintenance strategy Historically this has been done via tribal knowledge – that can’t continue, especially with the workforce […]

OEMs need an Aftermarket CRM.

OEMs need an Aftermarket CRM

Over the past 8 years, Entytle has had a front-row seat in observing and participating in the Industrial world’s highest margin yet mostly underinvested business: Aftermarket and Service. Specifically, we’ve partnered with dozens of equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in enabling them to drive proactive aftermarket sales. And while our position has generally been as a “complementary […]

Dispatch from the IndustryNext Conference Oct’22

IndustryNext- Industrial OEM Community Conference | Entytle

Last week (20 Oct), we had the privilege of hosting the 2022 IndustryNext Anniversary Event focused on “Leading through Uncertainty”.   We had a fantastic event, with participants representing $250B+ in revenue across multiple equipment manufacturing verticals.  We were fortunate to have a truly all-star line-up of 5 world-class leaders from private equity,  field service, pricing, […]

Private Equity: Optimizing IT investments to drive Installed Base value

Private Equity: Optimizing IT investments to drive Installed Base value

Driving rapid revenue growth from your installed base…without huge CRM or ERP investments Many manufacturers are trying to make the shift to providing more solutions instead of just new equipment – smart PE sponsors are capitalizing on this opportunity. Technology is a critical enabler to this shift – with many firms leveraging generic platform solutions […]

What can manufacturers learn from Venture Capital downturn advice?

What can manufacturers learn from Venture Capital downturn advice\ Entytle

The parade of Venture Capital Firms sending advisory warnings to their portfolio companies has reached full speed in the past 3 weeks, including marquee firms such as Sequoia, Lightspeed, Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator and many others. Of course, much of this advice is likely pretty obvious to manufacturing leaders who have always had to manage […]

Industrial OEM Guide: Unlocking value in terrible customer data

Industrial OEM Guide: Unlocking value in terrible customer data

The massive potential value in using data across a wide range of use cases (sales, marketing, operations, service, support, product lifecycle, etc) – most OEMs are moving in this direction.  Data regarding existing customers are typically the most valuable – having a proactive and value-add relationship with existing customers leads to greater loyalty and increased […]

Supply Chain, Inflation, & Labor Shortages stalling your growth?

Pricing is a critical lever that can have an immediate impact Is your supply chain disrupted?  Are you losing customers? Are you experiencing labor shortages?  Is revenue and profit below 2019 levels?  Is inflation causing costs increases?  In conversations with multiple manufacturing executives, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ across the board.  While there is […]