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Aftermarket Insights

Complex Industrial Workflows Made Easy

Prevent Drifting Customers

  • Segment customers based on their risk profile
  • Build pipelines based on customer risk profiles
  • Entytle’s AI algorithm factors customer touch points for assets, parts & services
Installed base solution

Predict Opportunities

  • Machine Learning predicts opportunities from historical purchase patterns
  • ‘Confidence Rate’ attached to each predicted recommendation
  • Pulls multiple data points across your entire Installed Base to generate recommendations
Installed base solution

Create Targeted Hunting Lists

  • Powerful filters & ‘Index Search’ so you can create targeted hunting lists
  • More than 25+ criteria to choose from (Age of equipment, service, parts, BOM, spare parts list, etc.)
  • Create custom lists by territory, model & product line
Installed base solution

Track Competitor Equipment

  • Easily add competitive info to Installed Base data
  • Capture rich data points for competitor equipment in the field
  • Generate reliable aftermarket recommendations
Installed base solution

Drive Sales Operations

  • Run sales campaigns with AI-driven recommendations
  • Generate granular territory-based plans
  • Easy monitoring and tracking of recommendations
  • Visualize plans on maps using rich filters & drill-downs
Installed base solution

Enable Channel Partners

  • Create Targeted campaigns for Channel Partners
  • Identify unserved customers
  • Create territory-based plans for partners
Installed base solution

Identify Customer Loyalty

  • Calculate Customer Loyalty with a purpose-built AI algorithm for Industrials
  • Create granular campaigns and pipelines based on loyalty levels
  • Blend loyalty with other filters such as equipment, territories & more.
Installed base solution

Calculate Wallet Share

  • Calculate wallet share gaps within your Installed Base
  • Use AI algorithm to calculate wallet share across multiple dimensions such as industry segment, geography, revenue level, etc.
Installed base solution

Parts Purchase Intelligence

  • Auto generate opportunities with purpose-built AI
  • Provides granular Quantity, Amount and Parts Recommendation
  • Works by itself or can even use your purchase rate data
Installed base solution

Parts Pipeline Generator

  • Personalized lightweight Installed Base Automation
  • Parts “Replacement Rate” Calculations – made simple
  • Pipeline Generator that can power multiple campaigns
Installed base solution

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