Maximize your Aftermarket Revenues

Entytle helps you Discover new sales opportunities from your Installed Base Data

Analyze your customer’s buying patterns on the go

Entytle helps you increase the average order value

Entytle offers consultation on Aftermarket Insights where you get insights into your customer buying patterns. This helps you save hours of research and analysis to predict what your customer needs.

Our Aftermarket Insights service empowers you with all your customer analytics on the go. Your sales teams can now easily view your customer buying patterns and identify various crop-sell and up-sell opportunities to increase the average order value.

Statistical Affinity Analysis for Order Basket Analysis

Our Aftermarket insight services help businesses better identify and assist their customers. We analyze their Installed Base data and track patterns through your customers’ purchasing habits over a specific duration.

This analysis seeks out the items that are usually purchased together. This helps us identify associations between items and connections between their purchases to maximize cross-selling opportunities. In order basket analysis, the customer looks for item combinations that co-occur in the transaction.

Powered by AI Algorithm

Generated with your Industrial Inputs

You can use advanced AI Algorithms to predict your customers needs or pre-define your inputs and generate results accordingly. Entytle can also link such items to opportunities generated from Parts Purchase Intelligence to OEMs as recommended items.

Get more from your Installed Base with Entytle!

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