Stop Living in the Installed Base Spreadsheet Misery!

Transform Data Chaos into 360° Visibility and Insights.

For equipment manufacturers, synthesizing Installed Base data and insights to power sales and service workflows is a tedious, time-consuming, and laborious process.

Entytle is the only purpose-built turnkey Installed Base Intelligence Platform for OEMs. We are the missing piece in your tech stack.

A leading food processing machinery manufacturer
generated 20X ROI in two years.
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A multi-million dollar pump manufacturer engaged 20+ channel
partners to create targeted hunting lists
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A PE-backed global machine tool manufacturer increased their
aftermarket revenues by 17X in 6 months.
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How our customers changed their Aftermarket game with Entytle

From data-bound to data-fueled

Entytle fixes your Installed Base data gaps and gets more RoI from your CRM and other service management tools.

Industrial OEMs have data scattered across ERP, PLM, service databases, and remote
monitoring platforms. This creates data inconsistencies and impedes comprehensive tracking.
The Entytle Installed Base Intelligence Platform bridges the gap between different systems,
creating a unified view of installed equipment data across your customer base. Unlike
general-purpose ERP, CRM, or PLM systems, Entytle’s AI-powered data platform is tailored for
the use cases and workflows essential to effectively grow an Aftermarket business.

Organize your Installed Base data from CRM, ERP, and FSM systems
Clean and unify the data to get a single source of truth
Make confident choices backed by real-time insights
Build stronger relationships to nurture customer loyalty
Discover under-served customers and upsell potential
Predict & prevent potential issues to maximize service uptime

Get Up & Running Quickly

Faster Go-to-

Aftermarket Performance

360° visibility into your Installed Base

Discover hidden opportunities from your messy Installed Base data.
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Single Source of Truth

Independent and Actionable Automation

Intelligent Selling

Track Competitor Equipment

Prevent Customer Churn

Enable Channel Partners

Making Installed Base Management Easy | Effortless | Efficient

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