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Installed Base Data Enrichment and Algorithmic Precision

Empowers Industrial OEMs with Reliable and Precise data

Data Quality Engine built for the job

Real-world data is never perfect. We understand how important data quality is for outcomes, so we start by fixing your data before we offer insights.

Connects all your data

Entytle is a comprehensive Installed Base Automation Platform that ingests data from all of your tools & databases: ERPs (modern and legacy), CRMs, BI tools, Enterprise Databases, Field Service tools, Support tools, Spreadsheets – we have you covered.

Clean, Scrub, Rinse & Repeat

The Entytle’s Data Quality Engine standardizes & normalizes data through purpose-built algorithms at rapid speed so you can get to actionable insights quickly. Automation ensures everything keeps moving along & you are never without the data you need.

There’s no place for duplicates

Data duplication across major tools is a huge bottleneck for you. The Data Quality Engine connects, maps & matches duplicates on an on-going basis so you never have to see the same record again & your sales/service opportunities are in top shape.

Custom data – we have you covered

We understand Industrial OEMs need to create custom fields to meet the needs of various business units & departments. We support hundreds of standard fields across the product hierarchy & can easily accommodate your custom fields so you never have to compromise again.

We make your data 20X better

The Data Quality Engine enriches your existing data going back decades with our historical databases. What’s more, we add geolocation, enrich incomplete addresses, generate account & location health index, locate key accounts & connect all of your data together holistically.

Always up-to-date & reviewed by Experts

While the Data Quality Engine does the heavy lifting through its purpose-built algorithms, our Industrial OEM data experts act as Quality Control to ensure any gaps are immediately closed or resolved. Each data update goes through our experts so you always have a single source of truth.

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