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Entire Installed Base

Entytle connects to the tools that matter to you, unifies data & creates a single source of truth for all things Installed Base
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Installed Base 360

Real-world data is broken & scattered across multiple departments. Entytle democratizes data so everything is accurate, accessible & in one single place.

Customer Central – Single Source Of Truth

Entytle lays out installed base data in the most optimal way so your customer facing teams can get to information quickly. Now, your teams no longer have to search multiple tools & gather data manually – everything you need is provided for in one reliable & accessible place.

AI analyzes & prioritizes your IB

Your teams will find assets, locations, accounts, contacts, line items & even BOM level data laid out. The purpose-built AI also ensures that each account’s wallet share is calculated & tracks trends as well as leading indicators such as propensity to buy so you can prioritize specific customers.

Powerful Search in a snap

Entytle understands how humans search for information & provides easy-to-use tools that can address your search needs. Construct anything from a simple query to a complex one – Entytle can handle it all. Build your own customer segments and save any query for your future needs.

Executive & Team Dashboards

Leverage the standard set of reports and dashboards or leverage Entytle to customize to fit your business. Track sales & campaign performance, customer trends & drift, wallet share and other dimensions of your team and your customer base. Implement KPIs calculated for your business.

Actionable map of your IB

With a map view of assets, customers & opportunities, you can optimize how your organization approaches your IB. Ensure resources are allocated appropriately. Map your team coverage with your customers. Optimize your service and sales customer visits.

Collaborate with your teams

Entytle is built for trust, collaboration & team work. Identify and then assign opportunities seamlessly – within your CRM. Develop filters, segmentation or campaigns and share with the right people to take action. Easily edit and update asset and customer data – with permissions and audit trail.

Gathers Data from the tools that matter to you

How Installed Base Automation Platform works

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Join the family of high-functioning
Industrial OEM teams

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