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Customer Central 360

Installed Base Perspective with Data-driven
Insights and Enhanced Customer Engagement

Customer Central 360

Unveiling the single pane of glass to your customer’s activity across the asset lifecycle.

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Introducing the Operating System for Industrial OEMs

Customer Central 360 unifies, organizes, and analyzes customer touchpoints to provide a True-HD view of your Installed Base. It serves as the single pane of glass that can drive visibility & performance across your customer-facing teams.​

Insights beyond Raw Data

Customer Central 360 delivers quick insights rather than mere reams of data so that industrial teams can grasp information and opportunities quickly.

Designed for real people & real scenarios

It’s not just a dashboard, it’s a complete productivity system. Customer Central 360 offers workflows & customizations for day-to-day scenarios that Industrial teams encounter. Be it sales, marketing, product, or service teams – each one can rely on Customer Central 360 to become the customer’s trusted advisors.

Powered by the best Data Quality Engine

While other solutions present unreliable data, Customer Central 360 fixes data from the ground-up & enriches it to present the most comprehensive, reliable 360 views of your customers using a proprietary Data Quality Engine battle-tested by thousands of users across leading Industrial OEMs & optimized against millions of assets.

Purpose-built for Industrial OEMs

Customer Central provides the fastest means for Industrial OEM teams to gather & make sense of their Installed Base data.
OEM teams get quick access to the data they want when they need it so they can focus on the next big opportunity rather than spend hours or days dealing with unreliable, misleading projections.

Location Central

The Location Central feature of Customer Central 360 provides a singular consolidated view of your customers across your teams, of course, with verified data.

Propensity Indicators

Customer Central 360 is packed with industry-leading machine learning algorithms that are always at work – surfacing opportunities based on purchase trends and future needs.

Make It Your Own

Customer Central 360 can be customized by individual users to suit their personal workflows without having to pull-in IT or tool owners.
*Future Release

Account Central

Customer Central 360 provides true account level consolidation with its Account Central feature – especially useful for Executives and Growth-Drivers who care for the larger picture at all times.

Curated Contacts

Customer Central 360 helps you track all account contacts in one location with helpful indicators that let you know which contacts are most reliable to call.

Built on IBP

Customer Central 360 is built on the leading Installed Base Platform offered by Entytle called Insyghts deployed across thousands of users.
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