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Aftermarket Intelligent Kits for your Industrial Teams

Create smart Part Bundles & Predict which parts will be purchased together


It’s expensive for Industrials to acquire a customer, however, once acquired a customer’s Aftermarket is a lucrative proposition. Industrial equipment’s Aftermarket can be up to 20 times the initial equipment cost. There are a wide variety of parts, services and warranties that an OEM’s customer employs to keep its equipment running optimally. As these parts are replaced or upgraded, Industrial aftermarket & service teams often struggle to figure out ‘order bundles’ or related parts that the customer would need. This leads to missed opportunities to both serve the customers right as well as tap into their wallet share on time.

Entytle’s Aftermarket Intelligent Kits help Industrials get a deeper understanding of their customer’s parts buying patterns.

Analyze your customer’s buying patterns on the go & increase the order amount

You are already spending time with your customers, with Aftermarket Intelligent Kits now you get insights into your customer buying patterns that help you save you hours of research and analysis to predict what your customer needs. Aftermarket Intelligent Kits empower you with all your customer analytics on the go. Your sales teams can now easily view your customer buying patterns and increase the order amount.
Analyze customer buying patterns

Statistical Affinity Analysis for Order Basket Analysis

In simpler terms, Aftermarket Intelligent Kits helps businesses better identify and assist their customers through the insights that are drawn from their customers’ purchasing habits over time. This analysis seeks out the items that are commonly bought together in order to identify associations between items and connections between their purchases to maximize cross-selling opportunities. In order basket analysis, the customer looks for item combinations that co-occur in the transaction.

Works with AI algorithm or can be generated with your Industrial Inputs

You can use advanced AI Algorithms to predict your customers’ needs or can even pre-define your inputs and generate results accordingly. Entytle can also link such items to opportunities generated from Parts Purchase Intelligence to OEMs as recommended items.
You can use AI and your industrial Inputs
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