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Entytle’s IB Platform Surpasses $350B in Industrial Assets

Entytle is night and day different from when we first explored a partnership a few years ago; we made a decision to go with an internal solution that hasn’t advanced in years, and you have moved light years ahead of the competition. We are so excited to partner with you going forward!

So said a prospect (soon to be a customer next week!) – sweeter words have never been spoken, providing the validation for our team’s hard work over the years.

What are they excited about? A lot of things as it turns out.

2022 was a banner year for Entytle, with growth along all dimensions: increased value delivered to our customers, new innovations focused on making it easier for our users to drive benefit from our solution, new customers joining our existing partners, and dramatically, increased numbers and value of assets being managed and analyzed on the Installed Base Platform.

First a bit about the value our customers get from the solution: when your world is “manual everything”, most sales and service employees do the most obvious thing: just focus on their top accounts, the ones they know well, and inadvertently ignore the rest. So imagine their delight when they see all customer activity in a single digital thread, with clear recommendations and targeted offers highlighted for action. As one of our users said to me, “You’ve given me back my weekend; doing this type of prep work would take me hours every weekend to get ready for my sales calls, and now I have everything I need in Entytle, organized and prioritized for my action”

These sentiments don’t come without a relentless focus on helping our end-users dramatically simplify their workflows and processes. This is most easily shown by investments in new features on our core Installed Base Platform, increased AI & machine learning capabilities, enhanced data quality engine, and expansion of data services provided to Industrial OEMs. Major upgrades and enhancements to the Installed Base Platform include:

  • Greater self-service configurability for each role to make Entytle work best for their specific job and needs
  • Integrations with Microsoft Teams and leading Customer Relationship Management platforms including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to streamline installed base workflows
  • Mobile app – Entytle IB 360 (for iOS and Android) providing commercial teams with access to “Installed Base in your pocket”
  • Continuous investments in leading-edge analytics focused on Installed Base and understanding customers, including loyalty, wallet share, intelligent parts kits, customer segmentation, and replacement rates and parts entitlement
  • Extensions to support broader transformation, including customer portal, inspections, and extensive APIs to share unified data, insights, leads, and opportunities with other systems

Assets on the Installed Base Platform passed $350B in value, with over 80 million transactions analyzed by Artificial Intelligence to help Industrial OEMs better understand their Installed Base and focus their commercial efforts. This growth has spanned multiple verticals, including material handling, machine tools, food & pharma processing and packaging, oil & gas, flow control, rotating equipment, and other equipment markets. This continued validation of Entytle’s ability to digitize Installed Base workflows across multiple industry verticals validates the configurability and flexibility of the Installed Base Platform.

In addition, the Entytle community continues to expand the ecosystem and community through both virtual and in-person events. These included our Executive Advisory Board and Power User Summit events that brought together leading OEMs across industries to share best practices in growing their service and aftermarket business using data and analytics. In addition, the Industry Next community continues to grow and thrive with a variety of speakers and roundtables covering topics that are top of mind to industrial OEM leaders. This community of Industrial leaders and Entytle users has thrived – with over half of Entytle’s executive champions at our clients receiving promotions in 2022 based on their leadership, performance, and initiative to transform their business and drive increased performance.

Looking forward to 2023, Entytle is excited about the opportunity to continue partnering with the leading OEMs to help them achieve their objectives in growing their service and aftermarket business, increasing their customer loyalty, and enabling their digitization journey. To do this, Entytle is continuing to invest in the Installed Base Platform as well as extension applications that continue to expand the number of workflows that industrial OEMs are able to digitize seamlessly.

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