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Entytle’s Wallet Share

Using Entytle, you can use the power of wallet share to unlock revenue potential, and Utilising Wallet Share to Maximise Revenue Potential

Businesses spend over $2T annually on maintenance & operating supplies for their equipment. OEMs get a small share of this spend.


On average, You are missing out on 68.87% of
what your Wallet Share could be


Wallet Share gaps range from 7%-50%.
Find out where you stand

Benchmark your customers

It is easy to simply “ship and forget”, but asking your sales, service and customer service reps to understand the customer use case can pay dividends. Keep track of these in your CRM, or other databases accessible by everyone in the company.

Understand who buys, how much, and when

Consolidate all interaction data into one place. A single source of truth is hard to create, but the investment can be worthwhile, and magical in unlocking productivity and insights about customer behavior. You can now easily understand and predict which of your customers will buy, how much, and when.

Flexible Wallet Share Model that works according to your needs

You can now segment your installed base according to your needs. There are insights buried in customer data that require careful segmentation by use case, type of equipment, geography etc. When complete, groups of customers demonstrate similar replacement and consumption patterns. This can be used to predict and then prescribe sales and service actions to capture wallet share.
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