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How much is too much when it comes to distributor/channel partner data access?

Here’s how can industrial OEMs give restricted access to their distributors/channel partners

There is an increasing trend among OEMs to enable their channel partners with the right access into their installed base. With proper access, OEMs can easily equip their channel partners with the right capabilities to better service and retain the OEM’s current customers. 

An OEM success depends heavily on the success of their channel partners

OEMs usually work with several channel partners which means data privacy and data visibility are important for them to ensure that partners see only their customer data and do not have access to data they are not entitled to see. Additionally, OEMs might also want their channel partners to have access to customers in the regions and markets they are authorized to serve. OEMs may also want to show customers from a few selected industrial segments, or customers they are willing to let the partner take over instead of servicing directly.

What tools can OEMs use to manage distributor access to industrial installed base data?

This is where an Installed Base Data Platform makes a meaningful difference. With their inbuilt features to restrict data access and the flexibility to govern who gets to see the data, with added features provided to restrict edit and download data, OEMs can decide the right kind of access for each of their partners.

Installed Base data platform for restricted channel partner access

Entytle Insyghts helps you to design access based on the location parameters, customer names, industry segment, customer type, or on the product scope which in turn can be based on the business unit, product hierarchy, etc. Access can be based on the presence or absence of certain parameters. As an example, a user can be given access to a particular few states in a country or all states in a country except a few selected ones.

With such easy configurations, the channel partners can be allowed to see data they are authorized to and at the same time be restricted from getting visibility into a competitor’s region or customer base.

Within their installed base, channel partners can now easily create their own campaigns based on their use cases and target various customers/ sections of their installed base and create opportunities for their sales reps to pursue. These opportunities in turn remain visible only to them, ensuring complete privacy and do not run the risk of anyone else targeting the opportunities which they have unearthed.

Installed Base Data Platform for channel partners | Entytle

Further, the channel partners may choose to filter their installed base based on some parameters like customers with a certain type of equipment, etc., and save the filters which can then be shared amongst their colleagues. These saved filters again ensure complete privacy and are visible to only those who created them and to those the original creator has chosen to share them with.

Overall, IBDP offers complete visibility into the installed base and the ability to filter them based on certain parameters. This data can be edited or downloaded as required. As discussed above, all of this can be restricted and given access to the right persona. This powerful feature to have all of the data in one place and yet give restricted access means that many different personas can get value out of the IBDP tool. OEMs need to leverage this powerful tool and ensure their channel partners are equipped to draw powerful insights from their installed base.

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