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Data Quality Engine built for the job

Data Quality Engine built for the job

Real-world data is never perfect. We understand how important data quality is for outcomes, so we start by fixing your data before we offer insights.

Connects all your tools

Entytle is a full-fledged Installed Base Platform that integrates all the tools & databases where your data resides. ERPs, Legacy ERPs, CRMs, BI tools, Enterprise Databases, Field Service tools, Support tools, Spreadsheets – we have you covered.

Clean, Scrub, Rinse & Repeat

The Data Quality Engine standardizes & normalizes data through purpose-built algorithms at rapid speed so you can get to actionable insights quickly. Automation ensures everything keeps moving along & you are never without the data you need.

There’s no place for duplicates

Data duplication across major tools is a huge bottleneck for you. The Data Quality Engine connects, maps & matches duplicates on an on-going basis so you never have to see the same record again & your sales/service opportunities are in top shape.

Custom data – we have you covered

We understand Industrial OEMs need to create custom fields to meet the needs of various business units & departments. We support hundreds of standard fields across the product hierarchy & can easily accommodate your custom fields so you never have to compromise again.

We make your data 20X better

The Data Quality Engine enriches your existing data going back decades with our historical databases. What’s more, we add geolocation, enrich incomplete addresses, generate account & location health index, locate key accounts & connect all of your data together holistically.

Always up-to-date & reviewed by Experts

While the Data Quality Engine does the heavy lifting through its purpose-built algorithms, our Industrial OEM data experts act as Quality Control to ensure any gaps are immediately closed or resolved. Each data update goes through our experts so you always have a single source of truth.

Installed Base 360

Real-world data is broken & scattered across multiple departments. Entytle Insyghts democratizes data so everything is accurate, accessible & in one single place.

Customer Central – One Source Of Truth

Entytle lays out Installed Base data in the most optimal way so your customer facing teams can get to information quickly. Now, your teams no longer have to search multiple tools & gather data manually – everything you need is provided for in one reliable & accessible place.

AI that monitors every asset

Your teams will find assets, locations, accounts, contacts, line items & even BOM level data laid out. The purpose-built AI also ensures that each account’s wallet share is calculated & tracks trends as well as leading indicators such as propensity to buy so you can prioritize specific customers.

Powerful Search in a snap

Entytle understands how humans search for information & provides easy-to-use tools that can mimic your search needs. Construct anything from a simple query to a complex one – Insyghts can handle it all. Build your own customer segments and save any query for your future needs.

Executive & Team Dashboards

You will be able to enrich your business analysis with a dynamic dashboard experience that combines queries & visualizations. Customize dashboards into one-page executive summaries or complex slicing/dicing reports for your teams. You will also be able to cross-query between dashboards to visualize exactly what you were looking for.

Trip planning made easy

With a map view of assets, customers & opportunities, you can optimize your customer outreach & trip planning. Each asset is meticulously located & tracked geographically so you know exactly which regions & customers should be contacted & which ones need your help right away.

Collaborate with your teams

Entytle is built for trust, collaboration & for team work. You can enable your teams to update latest installed base data through approvals so your data is always up-to-date. You can download data for further processing or share your filters & findings to improve collective excellence.
AI Generated Oppurtunities

AI generated Opportunities

Your data holds the key to millions in untapped opportunities from your Installed Base as well as new customers. Entytle’s AI/ML generates & qualifies these opportunities at scale for you.

AI-generated Hunting Lists

Entytle is an Installed Base data platform that can process billions of transactions to predict customer needs before even they realize it. With ready-made hunting lists, you can quickly get to work, reaching out to your installed base & closing those deals.

Generates and Qualifies Leads

While most BI tools or in-house projects generate leads from installed base data, Insyghts goes a step further & automatically qualifies these leads for you. You will know exactly whom to call, when to call, what to position & what to talk about.

Sales pipelines designed for OEMs

Entytle generates specific campaigns built for Industrial OEMs based on predictive maintenance, predictive upgrades, slow moving inventory, prescriptive upgrades, purchase history, disposition opportunities and many others.

Built for scale & repeatibility

Entytle is constantly processing new data points, updating older transactions for completeness, learning & churning out new recommendations. You will always have an opportunity or pre-defined pipeline at hand to work with and you can also create your own pipeline.

Built for high functioning teams

We understand you are a large team spread across geographies with territories assigned. Entytle respects those territorial boundaries & ensures that opportunities & campaigns generated are curated for each individual team member’s needs.

Plays nicely with your CRMs

Built on the concept of data & integration transparency, Insyghts can connect with your CRMs of choice such Salesforce© or MS Dynamics©, seamlessly passing information from & back to the CRMs. You can manage your campaign both within your CRM or in Entytle.
AI Generated Oppurtunities

Better than every other tool

Entytle was designed from the ground-up for Industrial OEMs & is backed by decades of Industrial OEM expertise. It’s no surprise the product consistently scores high in user & customer satisfaction compared to other tools in the market.

Better than standard BI tools

Entytle is an Installed Base data platform that can process billions of transactions to predict customer needs before even they realize it. With ready-made hunting lists, you can quickly get to work, reaching out to your installed base & closing those deals.

Make the most of your ERP & CRM

ERP & CRMs are necessary to document transactions & order histories. However, CRMs are never the single source of truth because installed base data resides across multiple tools. Some teams can’t even access these CRMs. Couple a CRM with Entytle & your teams get access to everything they need in one place.

Better than in-house tools

We respect those teams who take the first step in developing their own installed base management tools. Over time though, these tools get relegated to individual departments, ignored & abandoned with no support. Insyghts on the other hand, is always up-to-date & backed by subject matter experts.

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