Industrial Tech Landscape
Industrial Tech Landscape for OEMs

Industrial OEMs deploy various software, tools, and technologies to run their business and manage day-to-day operations. Given how niche the Industrial OEM sector is, these companies tend to rely on tried and tested technologies. In this infographic, we present some of the top software solutions that OEMs use.

Industrial Tech Landscape

    Industrial Tech Landscape


ERP(enterprise resource planning) is a solution that integrates supply chain, operations, financials, commerce, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource-related processes. Some Famous ERP Solutions:

  1. Epicor
  2. IFS
  3. Oracle 
  4. SAP
  5. Sage 


CRM(Customer relationship management) is a management solution that helps businesses to stay connected to customers, and internal stakeholders, and improve profitability. Major CRM providers:

  1. Salesforce
  2. Hubspot 
  3. Zoho


FSM(Field Service Management) solutions are used and employed by OEMs or manufacturers who need to manage the installation, service, or repairs of machinery, systems, and equipment. Field service management mainly involves dispatching repair persons to an installed base location to maintain or repair equipment, systems, or assets. Current Market Players:

  1. ServiceMax
  2. Salesforce Field Service 
  3. IFS Field Service
  4. Oracle Field Service

Business Intelligence:

Business intelligence (BI) solutions perform the tasks of retrieving, analyzing, and reporting industrial data for making informed business decisions. Their key features are the integration of multiple data, AI-driven data preparation, analysis, reporting, and interactive data visualization. Some famous BI solutions:

  1. Microsoft Power BI
  2. Sisense
  3. Phocas
  4. Oracle
  5. Altair
  6. Tableau
  7. Qlik 

Productivity tools:

Application or Solutions used for producing, editing, recording, and showcasing information/data for an activity related to a specific task or activity. Tools such as spreadsheets, presentations, and documents are commonly used productivity tools. Some famous productivity tools:

  1. Outlook 
  2. Excel
  3. Word
  4. PowerPoint
  5. Adobe PDF tool
  6. MS Team
  7. Zoom


IIoT(Industrial Internet of Things) System consists of Smart or Intelligent devices that are used to enhance the performance of machinery or equipment. IIoT system employs systematic communication infrastructure and uses data between them for the most optimum output or results. Some Major players:

  1. PTC
  2. CISCO System
  3. Microsoft
  4. Siemens
  5. ABB


eCommerce platforms are the platforms that enable businesses to conduct business online or via the world wide web. An eCommerce platform is software that helps retailers to manage their business online. Essentially, the end-user should be able to use an e-commerce platform to discover products, shop around using a basket and then check out. Some famous eCommerce solutions:

  1. OSF Digital
  2. Adobe Magento
  3. Advantage CS
  4. Proactis

Configure Price and Quote Tools:

CPQ is a business development tool for businesses to quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders. CPQ can help sellers with an automatic, step-driven process that untangle and streamline the creation of complex customer quotes. Top CPQ Solutions providers:

  1. IBM 
  2. Intelliquip
  3. Oracle
  4. SAP SE
  5. Salesforce

Customer experience platforms

Also known as CX, Customer Experience is how your customer perceives your brand through all the interactions across their customer life cycle. Due to the growing number of communication channels and increase in customer knowledge, businesses are increasingly turning to CX platforms as a way to improve customer experience. Some Well known CX Solutions:

  1. Pega Marketing
  2. Adobe Experience Cloud
  3. Acquia 
  4. Sitecore
  5. Liferay 
  6. Oracle CXP

Installed Base Management

Installed Base Management empowers the representation of objects installed at your customer’s site (such as machines, equipment, and so on) for which a service is offered. In other words, Installed Base Management is about managing the complete life cycle of the customer assets(ex. Industrial Machinery or equipment) from the time it is installed. It becomes operational, through the period it is in use until the period till eventually it is dismantled. Solutions provider for Installed Base Management: Entytle, Inc. provides an Installed Base Intelligence Platform that assembles, cleanses, analyzes, and operationalizes Installed Base data so machinery manufacturers can make customer-facing workflows more efficient.    

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