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How to implement an Installed base management solution?

How to implement an Installed Base Management solutions?

Installed base management is tracking and managing the physical assets, products, or systems a company has installed at a customer site. This can include anything from machinery and equipment to software and other digital products. An installed base management solution is a tool or system that helps companies effectively manage and maintain their installed base, […]

How can Industrial Aftermarket teams understand their customers better?

How can Industrial Aftermarket teams understand their customers better

Every customer is different. This is true for any business, but it is especially important for industrial aftermarket teams to keep in mind. Aftermarket teams are responsible for providing continuous support, maintenance, and repair services for industrial equipment and ensuring aftermarket growth for their industrial organization. This means that they often deal with a diverse […]

Top 5 tools that every Industrial Aftermarket team should invest in 2023

Top 5 tools

“In the industrial world, companies are continuing to recognize that digitization is an imperative, not a luxury.”- Vivek Joshi, Founder &  CEO, Entytle, Inc. The world, including the Industrial Manufacturing sector, is continuously evolving, overcoming tribal knowledge, siloed data challenges, and adopting a more digital approach to finding better, effective solutions to all their problems. […]

Will parts and services be delivered by flying service reps?

Flying delivery man | Entytle

We have all heard of drone delivery companies like Wing, Amazon prime air, UPS Flight Forward, Flytrex, and Wingcopter, which have transformed the current delivery system. These drones are helping us in delivering small packages directly to customers without much human interaction.    UPDATE: The video of flying delivery man in Saudi Arabia is actually […]

Why do Installed Base data mining projects fail?

Why do Installed base data mining projects fail? Entytle

The Installed Base is the most valuable asset for manufacturers. Having a good hold on their Installed Base data can create exponential revenue generation opportunities for manufacturers. More often than not, we come across Industrials who are trying to build Installed Base data mining/management projects internally. They already have many internal initiatives in place, which […]

Customers can help Industrials navigate through the recession – if only Industrials would let them

Industry Survey Report: Installed Base Platforms, an emerging technology to maximize the value of your installed base | Entytle

TLDR; Industrial OEMs deal with a very complex installed base environment – functional,  fragmented, and silo-ed ownership of data As a result, no one function, in particular, is accountable for managing and maintaining data about an OEM’s installed base. As a result, it is incredibly time-consuming, tedious, and expensive to glean any insight or intelligence […]