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Top 5 tools that every Industrial Aftermarket team should invest in 2023

“In the industrial world, companies are continuing to recognize that digitization is an imperative, not a luxury.”- Vivek Joshi, Founder &  CEO, Entytle, Inc.

The world, including the Industrial Manufacturing sector, is continuously evolving, overcoming tribal knowledge, siloed data challenges, and adopting a more digital approach to finding better, effective solutions to all their problems.

Here are the top 5 tools that Industrial Aftermarket teams should invest in 2023:

  1. Industrial Data Quality Engine– An Industrial Data Quality Engine will help you clean, connect and enrich your installed base data. With the help of advanced Al/ML algorithms, this engine will help you make better sense of your data and provide actionable insights that help to make your processes more efficient. You no longer have to worry about bad data, missing data, duplicates, or even keeping your data up-to-date because the Data Quality Engine takes care of all these problems and even generates opportunities for your teams.

    Data Quality Engine for Industrials
    Image: Data Quality Engine for Industrials
  2. Customer Central 360 (CC360)- A Customer Central 360 will act as a single pane of glass when it comes to all your customer data. It provides you with a true HD view of your customer’s activity across the asset lifecycle. A CC360 goes beyond providing mere data, it generates insights for you that help your teams grasp more information to act quickly. Using a Customer Central 360 will definitely change the way you look at your Installed Base Data.

    Customer Central 360 for Industrials
    Image: Customer Central 360 (CC360) for Industrials
  3. Customer Loyalty Manager- Every customer matters for Industrials, as more than 70% of their revenue comes from existing customers. A Customer Loyalty Manager is designed to help you make smart, data-driven investments. It will also help you Monitor your customer stickiness and Pre-empt & arrest churn. With a Customer Loyalty Manager, you can now focus on 100% of your customers rather than just the bottom or top 20%.

    Customer Loyalty Manager for Industrial OEMs
    Image: Customer Loyalty Manager for Industrials 
  4. IB Healthcheck- If you want to stay on top of your customers, an IB Healthchek is what you need. IB Healthchek helps you assess the performance of your Installed Base and gives you access to reliable customer information right at your fingertips. It provides you recommendations leading to significant revenue upside while reducing inefficiencies in your inspection cycles.

    IB HealthCheck
    Image: IB HealthCheck for Industrials
  5. Installed base management Mobile App – An Installed Base Management Mobile app gives you access to reliable insights from your installed base right at your fingertips. It helps you get the information that you need faster. You can also get notified about all the key activities of your accounts based on activity and locations. In a fast-paced world, having access to your complete installed base from your phone makes your life easier.

    Installed Base Management Mobile App for Industrials 
    Image: Installed Base Management Mobile App for Industrials

Using these tools will help you fulfill all your customer needs beforehand. When it comes to the industrial installed base, industrials need a single source of truth; and getting access to all the above tools in a single platform is exactly what will help your teams stay ahead of the competition! Leading Industrial organizations to adopt an Installed Base Platform as their Single Source of Truth in the industrial OEM world. 

Entytle’s Installed Base Platform is a cloud-based platform that includes purpose-built AI, which provides a complete 360 view of the Installed Base, intelligent hunting lists, and the ability to orchestrate automation between various tools, systems or processes. With an Installed Base Platform, you get access to all the above tools along with purpose-built algorithms/workflows like Parts Purchase Intelligence, Wallet Share, Aftermarket IQ, AI-driven Data Analytics, and many more.

Learn how Entytle’s Installed Base Platform will help your organization. Schedule a free demo today!

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