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180°, 360°or 720°: Everything fails when your data is wrong

You must have heard the number 360 being thrown around a lot in the past few years. Many companies have started talking about the holistic view of 360° and the benefits that come along with it. Any customer central 360 promises you a 360° view of everything that is happening with your customers. 

Following the same idea but with a more reliable approach, we launched Entytle’s Customer Central 360 or cc360 as we call it. The talk about our cc360 has been going on for quite some time now, and here’s why we prioritized its great launch. You must be wondering:

What makes Entytle’s Customer Central 360 different from others?

If the idea or the concept is the same, then where does your execution make the difference?

Let me answer the above questions by stating three differentiators and explaining how they help us make a difference. So, here we go!

1.  Our 360 is as good as the data itself

Imagine wearing the wrong pair of glasses and getting a blurry image of what is in front of you. You do have a 360° view, but your vision is blurred. You are bound to tumble even if you have glasses. At this point, the glasses you wear have not made any big difference to your original vision, and you need a change of glasses!

The same applies to your data. Despite having access to all the data at a single place, many times, you still find orders reconciled incorrectly, incomplete contact details, missing warranty expiration dates, missing addresses, amongst other things. And when you use any reporting tools to modify this situation, they just end up making this a bit more complicated for you.

These tools, while they work, lack the ability to generate proper insights into what’s happening with your data. The reporting tools follow the “Garbage In Garbage Out” approach. This implies that even after having all the data, these tools do not provide any reliable data.

When you use the 360 of any tool, your dashboard will no doubt show you the view, but it would just churn out the exact thing that you have fed into it.

Insight is something that we generally relate to intuition. An insight goes beyond any science and art and is derived from the very mental mode that one operates in. Two people can look at the same numbers, same graphs, same data and still interpret them in two completely different ways. This is where insights play an important role: they interpret and lead to some action.

When you visualize your path correctly, insights help you prioritize and lead towards an outcome. When you have a powerful, more reliable tool in your hand, you get access to more reliable insights that help you to predict and prioritize upcoming events.       

With Entytle’s Installed Base Platform, we make sure that the data we feed in is crystal clear. So, it won’t be wrong to say that our Customer Central 360 is as good as the data.

2.  Who will do the heavy lifting- You? Your IT people? Who?

You have bought a pair of glasses, but your vision is still blurry. What do you think will help you get a clearer picture?

The same goes in the case of data. You might have some CRM/ ERP tools to analyze or take care of your data. But do these tools provide you the proper analytics?

Analytics in terms of a 360 view would mean understanding what accounts and locations are tied together, which records are redundant or duplicate, which product segment needs expansion, which product line is no longer in use, and present them on your dashboard. The 360 views should consist of all this and be able to understand and connect the dots leading towards the right analytics.

So now, the question here is who will update your data? Would you hire a dedicated team for this purpose, or would you hand this issue to your IT team?

We all would agree that analytics requires dedicated time and effort, along with in-depth knowledge and domain expertise. This is where the majority of BI, CRM, or ERP tools fail. These tools are machine-learning driven or come with in-built dashboards that fail dramatically when it’s time to do some heavy lifting. They expect you to do the heavy lifting. They expect you to inform the tool about your business models & nuances, which takes a lot of time, effort, and resources if not purpose-built.

All you indeed need is a tool that is ready and capable of doing all the heavy lifting for you.

With Entytle’s Installed Base Platform, we make sure that you don’t need any additional people to do your heavy lifting. We’ve got you covered!

3.  The problem of “correcting the data.”

The next differentiator is correcting the data.

How many times has this happened that you look at a piece of data- take a contact detail or location address, for example; and you know it’s wrong, so what do you do about it?

One of two things happens here-

  1. You don’t have access to the correct data or the ability to correct it. or,
  2. You just don’t feel like correcting it at that moment, and then piles of incorrect data start adding up.

The vast majority of business intelligence tools that you might have come across are focused majorly on B2C business models. They have the understanding and working capabilities needed for a B2C to succeed.

When we talk about the working of B2B businesses, these tools need to be more efficient when it comes to giving out the correct and reliable information. In addition to this, the tools should also possess the capability to correct the data or provide you with more reliable data from time to time.

For Industrial OEMs, having a CRP or ERM never fulfills all their needs. They prominently need a more reliable solution like an Installed Base Platform that not only provides them all the data about their Installed Base but, more importantly, provides correct and reliable data with proper insights.

With Entytle’s IBP, we make sure that you always have access to correct and reliable information that helps you drive faster towards better opportunities.

Entytle’s Customer Central 360

(abbreviated #cc360) changes Installed Base discovery for Industrial OEMs

Entytle’s Customer Central 360 offers the following benefits:

  • Insights beyond raw data – Strong emphasis on delivering quick insights rather than mere reams of data so that Industrial OEMs can grasp information and opportunities quickly.
  • Designed for real people and real scenarios – While most Customer dashboards focus on information, Customer Central 360 is designed for daily scenarios that OEM teams face ex. Surfacing contextual information when talking to customers over a call.
  • Designed for everyone – Addresses the needs of the many with one single solution, including aftermarket teams, sales groups, services teams, product, support, and executives. It will offer customizations so each individual user can customize their own views without the dependency on IT or tool owners without affecting any other user.
  • Powered by the Best Data Quality Engine – Customer Central 360 data is prepared using Entytle’s proprietary Data Quality Engine, which not only identifies errors and quality issues, but it also fixes them.

Learn more about Entytle’s Customer Central 360, or speak to an Installed Base Expert to get started on your Customer Central journey!!


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