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Industrial Tech Landscape

Industrial Tech Landscape for OEMs

Industrial OEMs deploy various software, tools, and technologies to run their business and manage day-to-day operations. Given how niche the Industrial OEM sector is, these companies tend to rely on tried and tested technologies. In this infographic, we present some of the top software solutions that OEMs use.     Industrial Tech Landscape ERP ERP(enterprise […]

The Risks of Neglecting Order Desk Digitalization in the Aftermarket

The Risks of Neglecting Order Desk Digitalization

Are you still counting on manual processes for your order desk for the aftermarket? Have you ever considered the risks associated with neglecting digitalization in this crucial domain? Industrial decision-makers should understand the impact of not digitalizing the order desk on their operations and customer satisfaction. Customers anticipate flawless ordering procedures and real-time insight. Manual […]

10 Prospecting Email mistakes you should Avoid while Sending


Are you tired of not getting the desired results when sending prospecting emails? It’s evident that email marketing is a powerful tool to reach your target audience. However, if your emails are not perfect, achieving your goals through email marketing can be a challenge. Now you will ask, “How to send a Perfect Prospecting Email?”. […]