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Entytle brings Installed Base personalization for aftermarket teams

Entytle for Industrials now supports personalization for individual aftermarket & service team members enabling custom views to get their jobs done faster.

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Entytle, Inc., provider of the only purpose-built Installed Base Platform (IBP) for Industrial OEMs, announced a major product enhancement today that makes it easier for customer-facing teams to deliver a better customer experience through personalized workflows.

The industrial space has long suffered from tools & solutions that are built once and expected to be used by every single function irrespective of their workflow suitability. However, every function and every industrial user is different, with unique needs to get their jobs done.

For example, front-line roles such as inside sales or territory managers are focused on achieving their sales and execution objectives. This typically involves managing specific accounts, leads, opportunities, at-risk customers, and so forth. Having easy access to the next lead or opportunity to act on, or the most recently viewed customers makes their jobs easier. These team members are also focused on achieving their targets for either their overall territory or perhaps a specific sales campaign.

By contrast, a senior executive is likely more focused on bigger-picture items such as overall sales and performance. They are often trying to answer questions such as how many customers have transacted this period, how many customers need attention, or what is our attach rate for service contracts. Even among different executive leaders, some will be more focused on sales vs service vs specific territories or product lines.

One commonplace workflow for accessing installed base information is dashboards. While every aftermarket & services team relies on dashboards to drive their daily business, they are frustrated with the lack of customization available for them at the individual level. These teams don’t just lack the reliable information they need but also have to jump through hoops or design workarounds in existing dashboards to learn more about their installed base.

The typical aftermarket & service team leader ends up applying multiple filters on reports or developing custom views. Customization at the individual level is typically difficult and not very ‘agile’. Some OEMs rely on BI tools or CRMs for custom dashboards. However, these solutions suffer from data reliability, and as the adage in technology goes, ‘garbage-in, garbage-out’ leading to wasted efforts & even more frustration for the end user. This is where Entytle’s Installed Base Platform and its accompanying desktop applications come into the picture by leveraging a single source of truth that unifies data across sources and solves the typical data quality challenges.

With this product release, Entytle aims to enable various aftermarket, sales & service teams to get to what matters the most to them. For example,
1. An aftermarket executive who is interested to see trends across their installed base.
2. Managers who want to focus more on how their team is performing.
3. Salesperson looking to keep track of leads they are working on.
4. Account managers planning outreach according to recent activities.
5. Marketing who wants to build outreach pipelines.

Entytle achieves this fine customization using customizable widgets that users can pick and choose to configure. Also, Entytle has launched a full-scale widget collection that was built after studying the most common workflows employed by industrial teams.

On the day of the launch, Rob Bradenham, Chief Growth Officer at Entytle, said, “The configuration and flexibility of user interface allow different users to have Entytle set up to solve their specific needs while continuing to leverage all of the purpose-built data quality, product features, and data analytics Entytle has always provided. We are aiming to enhance the overall user experience by making it easier for each user to access the information they need, providing personalization-at-scale. We will build on the initial widget collection with the input of our customers”.

Entytle will roll out this to customers in phases in January 2023.

Reach out to Entytle at info@entytle.com to understand more about how Entytle can unlock the lifetime value of your Installed Base.

About Entytle
Entytle, Inc. provides an Installed Base Platform that assembles, cleanses, analyzes, and operationalizes Installed Base data so machinery manufacturers can make customer-facing workflows more efficient. Entytle’s Installed Base Platform which is deployed across thousands of Industrial OEM users. Other applications on the platform include IB HealthCheck, Customer Loyalty Manager, Data Quality Engine, and Entytle APIs, web and mobile interface, amongst others that run on the versatile Installed Base Platform. The cloud-based platform includes purpose-built AI that provides a complete 360 view of the Installed Base, intelligent hunting lists, and the ability to orchestrate automation between various tools, systems, or processes. This enables smarter, faster workflows leading to increases in productivity, capacity, and scalability. Industry leaders such as Johnson Controls, Baker Hughes, Peerless Pump, Dematic, Duravant, GEA, and many more trust Entytle to help drive efficiency and growth using their Installed Base. Learn more about how Entytle can help you win over your Installed Base and drive commercial productivity at www.entytle.com

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