Entytle announces IB HealthCheck, a web & mobile app to modernize asset assessment & recommendation workflow for OEMs

Entytle announces IB HealthCheck, a web & mobile app to modernize asset assessment & recommendation workflow for OEMs

Entytle’s IB HealthCheck digitizes the field equipment inspection process by making them accurate & faster and improves equipment performance & reliability.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Entytle, Inc., developer of the only purpose-built Installed Base Platform for Industrial OEMs announces IB HealthCheck for OEMs, an application for developing, managing, and conducting inspections of large installed bases at scale and providing better visibility, reliability, maintainability, and connectivity to the customer and commissioned equipment.

While equipment has become more automated and complex, asset managers have struggled with maintaining the technical competencies and capacity to manage this increasing complexity – this has been further compounded by the great retirement of the baby-boomer generation. Thus, maintenance and operations managers have become more dependent on OEMs to provide the deep technical expertise required to manage, service, and optimize this advanced equipment. However, OEM service processes, especially related to equipment inspection and assessment, are still stuck in the past, with processes that are predominantly manual, paper-driven, and disconnected from the installed base data sources and stakeholders who need to take action on inspection and assessment findings. Entytle’s IB HealthCheck addresses these challenges by modernizing and digitizing the inspection/assessment process – from creating the inspections, managing them, executing them in the field, and managing the follow-up on the findings.

The application is designed in collaboration with service personnel & leaders from Industrial OEMs and is designed from the ground up to leverage existing installed base data in order to make the service visits and assessments more efficient and effective by leveraging contextual data. HealthCheck is an application built on Entytle’s Installed Base Platform and will be available as an add-on for the thousands of users across Entytle’s customer base.

The IB HealthCheck is the latest application built on Entytle’s Installed Base Platform which is deployed across thousands of Industrial OEM users. Other applications in the platform include desktop and mobile app (iOS & Android), Customer Loyalty Manager, Data Quality Engine, Entytle APIs, amongst others that run on the versatile Installed Base Platform.

Typically, when service (or sales or support) personnel inspect equipment at customer locations, they identify various issues, operating conditions, and opportunities that should be addressed. Capturing, managing, and acting systemically on these insights are critical for machinery manufacturers to provide much-needed reliability and value to customers – and can be an important source of revenue opportunities for the OEM. However, current processes are manual, paper-based, not built for collaboration, and as a result are slow, expensive, and riddled with errors and omissions. This inefficiency limits the number of equipment that a field service team can assess annually, impacting the performance, uptime, and reliability of that equipment for customers – which has an impact on their business. Additionally, valuable service and aftermarket opportunities identified from the assessments are not easily shared with and followed up on by the relevant stakeholders, leading to missed revenue opportunities and dissatisfied customers.

“Industrial OEMs have accelerated digital transformation and automation initiatives owing to the pandemic in recent quarters. They are also realizing the need to build better connectivity with their customers and installed base and are making significant investments towards such initiatives. Entytle has already been serving OEMs with the only purpose-built, modern Installed Base Platform. Now, we are leveraging the data that is already sitting on the platform by building applications on top of the platform which help our customers get workflows done at scale. Installed Base HealthCheck is another giant step in that direction and will help our customers service their Installed Base at scale while providing them with higher opportunities for service revenue growth”, said Vivek Joshi, CEO, Entytle Inc.

Entytle’s IB HealthCheck offers the following benefits for OEMs:
1. Develop and manage equipment inspections in a digital-first manner – at scale
2. Access to reliable customer information at finger-tips
3. Automation of often repeated and laborious inspection tasks, including report generation and post-inspection follow-up
4. Speed & accuracy through the digitalization of the equipment inspection process
5. Context-based recommendations for service & aftermarket opportunities

You can learn more about the Installed Base HealthCheck journey today at https://entytle.com/entytle-ib-healthcheck/

About Entytle:
Entytle, Inc. provides an Installed Base Platform that assembles, cleanses, analyzes, and operationalizes Installed Base data so machinery manufacturers can make customer-facing workflows more efficient. The cloud-based platform includes purpose-built AI that provides a complete 360 view of the Installed Base, intelligent hunting lists, and the ability to orchestrate automation between various tools, systems, or processes. This enables smarter, faster workflows leading to increases in productivity, capacity, and scalability. Industry leaders such as Johnson Controls, Baker Hughes, Peerless Pump, Dematic, Duravant, and many more trust Entytle to help drive efficiency and growth using their Installed Base. Learn more about how Entytle can help you win over your Installed Base and drive commercial productivity at www.entytle.com

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