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Top Industrial email tips that are bound to work

Let’s start by talking about some general statistics about email marketing in the B2B space.

  1. According to Statista, the number of people that check their emails daily is more than 4 billion now and this number is expected to rise to 4.6 billion till 2021
  2. Every day more than 330 billion emails are received and sent. 
  3. 79% of B2b marketing agencies and companies say that their most successful channel for content distribution is email.
  4. According to Campaign Monitor, 64% of small businesses use email marketing as their channel for reaching out to more prospects.
  5. Brands can easily generate an ROI of 48:1 by using A/B testing 

The above-mentioned stats show how email marketing can be used to achieve growth in the B2B space. We have all heard about tips and tricks that work for B2B marketing emails but are they really effective? Here are some tried and tested email marketing methods for B2B space that are bound to work.

Number of sent and received emails per day worldwide from 2017 to 2025

Source: Statista

1. Focus on your ‘subject line’

As people usually say “First impression is the last impression”- it’s true in marketing as well. We all are aware that while making any cold calls, the first 5 -10 secs determine how the call is going to go! That’s the same in case of an email. Your subject line is the core factor that will determine the performance of your email. If you are able to grab the attention of your reader at the first glance, you are bound to get higher open rates- there’s no magic in that!

And here are some tips that can help you form the best subject line for your B2B email:

Tip 1: Personalize the subject line– Adding your receiver’s name or his company name is bound to catch attention.
Tip 2:  Focus on the first few words – More than 60% of your target audience uses mobiles to view emails. Focusing on the first few words will help you grab the attention of your mobile users as well, as only the first few words are visible in the mobile notifications due to the compact size of the device.

2. Personalization is the key

Emails are considered to be even more personalized than cold calls. You can easily put all the information about your company as well as your prospect’s company or any other details to give your email a personal touch! We have already talked about personalizing the subject line but personalizing the email body is also very important.

Tip 3: Personalize the email text – Add things like details about the person, his role in his org or even going as far as mentioning his latest Twitter tweet or an article that a person has written about will help you make a great impression.

3. Include concrete data points

Long emails are boring and seldom does any reader put in his time and effort to read the email from start to finish. To maintain the attention span of the reader make sure to include some data points or try summarizing your entire message into different bullet points. Playing around with different font sizes, and using bold or italics to highlight some of your text also helps.

Tip 4: Support your text with numbers– Including and highlighting concrete data points will help you create credibility and increase the attention span of your reader.

4. Be on point: Keep it crisp & simple

Even in emails, simplicity is the key. Try explaining your message in the minimum amount of words that you can use. The shorter the email, the better- even a quick two-liner email with a direct message works wonders compared to two or three large paragraphs full of text!

Tip 5: Keep your text small, avoid writing long paragraphs– Writing to the point helps you convey your message directly and saves both time and energy from the reader’s front to make sense of your message.
Tip 6: Do not include too many hyperlinks– Always keep a tab on the number of hyperlinks you send in an email. Try limiting it to a maximum of 3. Anything more than 3 increases the chances of your email either benign blocked by the client receiving server or ending up in the spam folder.

5. Never Spam

Spamming the prospects is always not advisable. Sending spam emails will not only demolish your brand reputation, it also impacts your overall domain ranking!

Tip 7: Limit the number of emails sent – Beware of the number of emails that you send to a person. Sending 3-5 emails per month is fine but avoid sending 3-5 emails to the same person in a week!
Tip 8: Avoid using spam words – Worlds like offers! Hurry! In your subject line increase the chances of your email ending up in the spam folder.

6. Email Analysis

Another important tip is to analyze the performance of your emails. What does it mean? How do you analyze the performance of your email?

Tip 9: Always analyze the performance of your email

To answer the above question, let’s check out some B2b email stats that can help you analyze the performance of your email.

The table below shows the email performance in the manufacturing industry as compared to the average of all industries.

Source:  Constant Contact

As we can clearly see, the manufacturing industry clearly has a 20.82% average email open rate which is approximately 5% less than the average of all industries. So, you might be wondering is it worth focusing on your email marketing strategies in the manufacturing or industrial space? 

Well, yes. It is!

For every dollar spent on emails, you can expect an ROI of $36, which is higher than any other marketing channel!!

Tip 10: This is the most basic but still the most important: Check for minor grammatical errors or misspelled words. Do a thorough review of your email before sending it out. 

These are the 10 tried and tested email marketing tips for the B2B marketing space that are bound to work!

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