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Dispatch from the Entytle Power User Summit September 2022

This week we had the privilege to host our first ever Entytle Power User Summit. The group of highly engaged users included sales & aftermarket leaders, inside & field front line sales, marketing leaders, parts leaders and services leaders spanning across a dozen different companies representing almost as many different industries. 

The summit gave our customers and us amazing insight into how different companies’ top users and teams are leveraging their installed base data with Entytle Insyghts to grow their parts and services business and drive better overall customer engagement. 

The sharing and discussion between customers allowed them to learn from one another about how they overcame similar challenges, what best practices were developed and ideas on how to improve their processes to drive further success. 

There were a few key themes that came up repeatedly throughout the summit:

Common challenges

Data is a consistent concern; there is opportunity to improve structure, quality, and unification. People/processes: tons of commonality across industries/situations in shifting paradigm to proactive


The better the data, the better the results. Focusing on unification, structure/organization, eliminating silos, cleanup and enrichment. This is consistent across companies and industries


It takes more than ‘software’ to be successful. To enable your team you need to make data actionable, focus/prioritize leads (tight criteria, incorporate analytics), relevant metrics/targets, clearly defined roles, easy workflows training, and most importantly leadership

Success tracking

Need to have opportunity/pipeline management & accountability processes in place, built into the ‘way of doing business’. Interestingly, surfacing other opportunities beyond the target for the campaign happens very frequently and can be a huge value (although potentially challenging to track and can be under-counted).

Creating the opportunity for our customers to learn from one another is enabling our customers to drive success within their organizations faster than ever before. The feedback from our customers that participated has been phenomenal and exceeded expectations. We’ll be hosting similar events in the future that will have in depth focus on high interest topics like growing services revenue, developing proactive parts campaigns, sales workflow best practices, data cleanup workshops and more. We are looking forward to continuing the journey with these leaders as they transform their businesses.

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