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Life doesn’t stop for an ERP migration and neither should your Installed Base strategy!

This week I had a call with a prospect who gave me a common rejection I hear all the time. It comes in many shapes and forms but usually sounds something like: “I appreciate the call, but we’re currently stuck in an ERP migration and are desperately trying to make sense of our old and disconnected data. We don’t have time to explore anything else right now”.

I asked him where he felt like their data quality issues were coming from specifically, and if by old data he meant their legacy systems. He replied that the data quality was an issue from “everywhere” and their old data is a mess. He also said they’ve beefed up internally by bringing in additional people and resources to interpret that data and try to iron out some ERP kinks they were running into.

As I kept speaking with this prospect, it was clear that Entytle exists to address this company’s primary problem – solving an impossible puzzle of data. One thing almost all OEMs want to do (or don’t know they want to do yet) is find a way to have one single source of truth – the problem is that the data is only as good as how it was originally captured in those legacy systems. 

An OEM might have five or more entries in their CRM or ERP for one single account (think: JW’s Equipment, JW’s Equipment Co., JW’s Equip. LLC, JW’s Equip, etc). Entytle’s Data Quality Engine was built for this specific challenge (and many others commonly found in OEM data).  It ingests disconnected, incomplete, duplicated, and non-standard data, and returns a single source of truth. This data can then be used for a wide range of systems – in this case as a baseline data set for the new ERP. In addition, beyond just getting to higher quality single source of truth, Entytle’s analytics and AI can create proactive sales and service opportunities enabling those teams to drive real customer engagement and revenue growth.

He agreed that there could be value with his company if this information got in front of the right person. He was keen to share what I’d spoken about with a colleague and I left him with the thought that many conversations that get teed up like this end up at the “Wow…  I can’t believe something like this exists!” stage. 

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