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What is an Installed Base Platform (IBP)?

An Installed Base Platform (IBP) is a data platform that gathers, cleans & hosts all of an Industrial OEM’s Installed Base data points in one source of truth. This empowers Industrial OEMs to have all the information they need/want for their customers in one place instead of searching in multiple tools or relying on tribal knowledge. An IBP also fixes one of the biggest challenges of installed base data collected over years and decades – the issue of duplicate or inaccurate data that might be found in traditional tools used by OEMs.

“An Installed Base Platform (IBP) is a tool, in use by modern Industrial OEMs, which utilizes  Industrial-grade algorithms and artificial intelligence to cleanse Installed Base data, visualize the installed base spread & unleash untapped opportunities within the customer base.”

Pictured above: Entytle’s Installed Base Platform

Traditionally, OEMs use a multitude of tools they rely on to capture their Installed Base data throughout the history of their customers. Whether they’re using CRMs, ERPs, Excel, etc. this data exists somewhere and might not be accessible by everyone. IBP eliminates the task of scrolling through records and gives everyone consumable information that can be quickly and easily accessed.

In addition to ease of access, an IBP also eliminates inaccuracies within existing data. After years of data entries, different employees, and other things, data can often become duplicated, inaccurate, or downright dirty. By utilizing an IBP, organizations are able to have their data cleaned, deduped, and blended to provide the most up-to-date information on their existing installed base.

Imagine a customer calling and wanting to know about a piece of equipment or part/service that was sold to them a few years ago. Normally a sales/service rep, if they had access to the necessary tools, would have to search in different databases to reference the information needed. Of course, they can only pray that the information is up to date and accurate. An IBP eliminates that uncertainty as the sales/service rep would be able to pull up all necessary information in one specific place in an instant and rest easy that the information is accurate.

In summary, IBP gives organizations the ability to have a 360 view of all customer accounts/locations, drive engagement on sales/servicing, and have clean consolidated data. Ultimately leading to more sales, more touchpoints, and sales/service reps focusing on more accounts.

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