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IIoT – Fact or Industrial Fiction?

A must-read guide for OEMs considering Industrial IoT initiatives.

Digital Transformation, IoT initiatives, Big Data/Analytics, eCommerce, Zoom Conferences – there are quite a few initiatives that Industrial OEMs seem to be committing themself to for a while now. Last year accelerated the pace on some of these tracks while pushing some others outside the budgeted bucket list. These initiatives have been referenced in different contexts at different times, justified sometimes as growth enablers, table stakes, or something else. But one thing is certain – Change is inevitable and the Industrial space is adapting itself!

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is one such concept that has created a huge ripple for the last couple of years & it is looked at as a value-driver for the modern OEM.

What does the Industrial Internet of Things truly mean for Industrials? Why do only some organizations have successful IoT implementations while others fail terribly? What are the factors determining whether your IoT initiatives will be successful or fail?

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How is IoT different for industrials?
  • The IoT of ‘unconnected’ things
  • The promise of IIoT to B2B manufacturers
  • The one thing that can sink your IIoT initiative
  • The one thing that can save your IIoT initiative

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