The Installed Base Uploader: Fasttrack your way to Insightful Data

The Installed Base Uploader: Fasttrack your way to Insightful Data

Imagine you’re the Director of the Aftersales department of a large industrial company. You have a large installed base of equipment, but tracking the data about that equipment is difficult. This makes it difficult for you to make informed decisions about your installed base and Aftermarket growth. Let me assure you, you’re not alone. Many industrial companies need help with this same issue when it comes to Installed base and Aftermarket growth. Your search for a solution ends with Entytle’s Installed Base Uploader.

The Installed Base Uploader by Entytle is a powerful tool that makes it easy to upload your installed base data into Entytle’s Installed Base Automation (IBA) platform. Once your data is in Entytle’s IBA, you can use it to gain insights into your customers, identify potential opportunities, and improve your customer service.

Here’s a story about how Entytle’s Installed Base Uploader helped the Account Manager at a Pump manufacturer (a $75M division of a $5B company):

Due to its vast spread of installed base of equipment for the Pump Manufacturing Division, it was challenging for them to track their entire Installed Base data. Lack of access to quality data and proper segmentation resulted in the loss of potential Aftermarket revenue from the Installed Base.

They choose Entytle to resolve this issue. The Installed Base Uploader made it easy for them to upload all its existing installed base data consisting of Customer locations, and installed equipment details on Entytle’s IBA following simple guided steps. Once the data was in Entytle’s IBA, the Pump Manufacturer was able to gain insights into its installed base that it had never seen before. They were able to segment their installed base better and create a hunting list based on territory and plan their sales calls to these customers and provide customized discounts based on the region they operated in. This resulted in increased quotes that they were able to provide the Inside Sales team leading to a 200% improvement in the productivity of the team.

For example, the company could see which assets were nearing the end of their service life. This information allowed the company to plan for preventive maintenance and avoid costly repairs. The company was also able to identify potential opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. By understanding its customer’s needs, the company could offer them additional products or services they may be interested in.

The Entytle’s Installed Base (IB) Uploader has helped Pump Manufacturing Corp. improve its understanding of its installed base and harness its full potential. This has improved decision-making, better customer service, and reduced costs.

How Does Installed Base Uploader Work?

Step 1: Download the “Installed Base Template” File

Step 2: Fill all the data for “customers”, “Equipment”, “BOM” and “Item Catalog” in the template file and save it.

Step 3: Upload the saved file with all the data.

The system will then review and approve the uploaded file format and start preparing the Installed Base

Benefits of Installed Base (IB) Uploader

  • Improved decision-making: Industrials would be able to make more informed decisions about their installed base.
  • Better customer service: Industrials would now be able to provide better customer service by understanding their customer needs more accurately and preemptively.
  • Increased Revenue: Industrials would be able to increase its revenue from Aftermarket sales, services, and maintenance by upselling and cross-selling to its customers.

You can try the IB uploader using a Free Limited Trial here

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