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The future of Installed Base Management is Mobile

Mobile has been heralded as the future of many industries, including the Industrial manufacturing space. As Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies become more prevalent, installed base management solutions also transition from a desktop to a mobile application. 

Mobile has emerged as the most widely used and fastest-growing technology. Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our lives, and as such, they should be taken into account in all aspects of a business plan. It is changing how we communicate, conduct business, and live our lives. 

Installed Base Management on Mobile

Mobile is the future of installed base management. Having access to all the Installed Base data right at your fingertips has transformed installed base management for many leading Industrial OEMs. 

Mobile applications for Installed base management are creating new ways of interacting with customers and transforming businesses like never before.

Your Sales Reps no longer need to scroll through their desktop applications to get relevant information. Just one tap on the mobile app and all the information is right on their mobile device. The use of mobile by Field Service reps has also been found to be more productive. They can easily access all data related to the customers on the go. Your teams can now be more efficient and highly productive with the right insights available to them all the time!

The world’s leading Installed Base Management Mobile App – Entytle Mobile

The Entytle Mobile App is a purpose-built Installed Base management mobile app that enables the Installed Base Platforms’ users to manage all aspects of their installed product data and helps maintain the installed base information accuracy right at their fingertips.

It can be used by different types of users who need to manage, consume or stay up-to-date on changes to their customer’s organization’s installed base. Reps no longer have to hunt for prospects across multiple channels; with the installed base management on mobile, it’s simple to know where to look!!

Entytle Mobile App is powered by the world’s leading Installed Base Platform used to manage 350 million assets, parts, and more by leading Industrial OEMs. Entytle Mobile works seamlessly with the desktop, including hand-offs, and provides users with instant access to their company’s data from a phone

Here are the top 5 features of Entytle Mobile Application: 

  1. Global Search: Search anything that works from anywhere! The Global search feature is a way to perform a quick search of your Installed base. You can easily find data on your Installed base located anywhere across the globe.
  2. Get the 360 views on your customers: Customer central provides a glance into the customer profile and details information on customer location, associated equipment, opportunities, and much more. You can easily know which of your accounts are performing well, which aren’t, and who need your immediate attention. This will help you understand your customer’s health and their propensity to buy.
  3. Plan your trips, and view what’s nearby: You can now easily get access to context-aware and location-aware insights. With this feature of Entytle’s Mobile App, you can easily search for locations near you and plan your routes accordingly. With one tap on the navigation icon, you can search for all your nearby locations and customize your trips for better efficiency. 
  4. Get to what matters, really fast: The powerful universal search feature helps you to quickly get to what matters, fast! You can know everything about your entire Installed Base, including assets, parts, locations, service contracts, contacts, warranties,  and more on the go.
  5. Get to your customers faster: You can now easily view contacts, Place calls, and send emails from your phone directly to customers with a single tap from the Mobile app. 

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Quick Watch: Entytle’s Installed Base Management Mobile App

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