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Transform Pre-Visit Planning with IB HealthCheck for Industrial OEMs

Growth-oriented industrial OEMs rely on field service automation to drive efficiency and accuracy in asset management. As a field service technician, you know that effective pre-visit planning can make or break your day. Imagine starting your day with a complete, up-to-date view of your installed base, with all the necessary information at your fingertips. This is where IB HealthCheck comes in, transforming how you prepare for your field visits. Let us have a closer look at how Pre-Visit Planning with IB Healthcheck could be a complete game changer for the Industrial.

Challenges in Traditional Pre-Visit Planning


Incomplete or Outdated Data

Time-Consuming Manual Preparation

Lack of Standardized Checklists

Limited Visibility into Customer Needs

– Gathering information from various sources

– Fragmented and outdated data

 – Wasted time and missed opportunities

– Manually sifting through spreadsheets and records

– Tedious and prone to errors

– No standardized procedures

– Ensuring consistency and thoroughness is challenging

– Lack of understanding of recent updates or maintenance needs

 – Ineffective service visits

How Pre-Visit Planning with IB HealthCheck is different?

Comprehensive Asset Visibility 

With IB HealthCheck, you have access to complete, real-time data about your installed base. This includes details about asset types, parts, and locations, all integrated from existing systems. This means no more digging through old records or guessing about the state of an asset.

Checklist Suggestions

IB HealthCheck helps you create checklists tailored to the specific asset or plant type you are visiting. These standardized procedures ensure you cover all necessary tasks, enhancing consistency and thoroughness in your inspections.

Pre-Visit Insights and Updates

The app provides insights into recent updates, upgrades, or maintenance needs of the assets. This allows you to identify and prioritize critical tasks before you even set foot on-site, ensuring you are well-prepared for every visit.

Specific Pre-Visit Workflows Available in IB HealthCheck

Let’s look at a few workflows that IB Healthcheck is providing or will provide in the near future. These workflows are aimed to simplify pre-visit activities and planning for the Industrials and their customers



Asset Overview
  • Access detailed information about each asset, including part numbers, warranty status, and service coverage.
  • Review historical data on asset performance and previous inspections.
Checklist Customization
  • Generate customized checklists based on asset type, ensuring all critical areas are covered.
  • Adjust checklists to address specific customer needs and known issues.
Maintenance History Review
  • Analyze recent maintenance activities and identify any outstanding tasks.
  • Highlight potential upgrade or replacement opportunities based on asset age and performance.
Customer Interaction Preparation
  • Compile a summary of the customer’s installed base and any recent interactions.
  • Prepare talking points and recommendations tailored to the customer’s specific situation.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Leveraging historical data, IB HealthCheck helps you make informed decisions. The app offers recommendations based on previous inspections and asset performance, guiding you to the most relevant and impactful actions during your visit.

Benefits of Using IB HealthCheck for Pre-Visit Planning

  • Reduced Preparation Time: By automating data collection and checklist generation, IB HealthCheck significantly reduces the time and effort required for pre-visit planning.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: With up-to-date and comprehensive information at your disposal, the accuracy of your inspections improves, leading to better service outcomes.
  • Increased Consistency: Standardized checklists ensure that every technician follows the same thorough procedures, enhancing the overall quality of service.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Proactive and well-informed service visits lead to quicker resolutions and higher customer satisfaction.

Effective pre-visit planning is crucial for efficient and successful field service operations. IB HealthCheck aims to revamp this process by providing comprehensive asset visibility, checklist suggestions, pre-visit insights, and data-driven decision-making. Leveraging IB HealthCheck means you will be better prepared, more efficient, and capable of delivering top-notch service every time. Explore IB HealthCheck today and transform your pre-visit planning.

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