A Simple Guide for Industrial Wallet Share

A Simple Guide for Industrial Wallet Share

Are you an Industrial leader looking to unlock untapped revenue potential? Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s buying behaviors? If you’re nodding your head, then you’re in the right place! We’re introducing you to the game-changing concept of “wallet share” and how it can propel your industrial success.

Imagine this: Businesses allocate a staggering $2 trillion annually to maintain and operate their equipment. A significant portion of this spending caters to parts, services, and consumables. However, a chunk of this potential revenue often slips through the cracks due to the “Entitlement Gap.

This gap emerges from a lack of clear insight into how customers use their equipment. Determining “Wallet Share,” which signifies the portion of a customer’s spending captured by your business, is far from simple. With numerous customers operating diverse equipment featuring numerous components, predicting part needs and timings resembles an unsolvable puzzle. Adding complexity, many manufacturers struggle to gauge equipment usage – measured as the “Duty Cycle.

Uncovering the True Power of Wallet Share

Now, let’s dive into the exciting part. Unleashing the real power of wallet share is much more than crunching numbers. It’s like finding hidden treasures, making smart suggestions, and getting the most bang for your buck. With some high-tech data magic, you can:

Find opportunities by identifying wallet share gaps

Discover where you could make a lot more money by seeing where you’re missing out.

1. Recommended items to cross-sell

Suggest things that go hand-in-hand with what your customers already get, which makes them happy and your business too!

2. Prioritize the efforts for maximum ROI

Spend your time and energy where it really counts to get the most from your investment.

3. Use Data Wisely

Make super precise offers backed up by data to give your customers exactly what they need.

4. Turn Old Stuff into Gold

Use past buying patterns to sell off the stuff you have left, even if it’s not the newest thing around.

Navigating through Complexity

1. Dealing with Different Situations

Tackling various ways customers use your stuff.

2. Differing part failure rates

Handling how often different parts break down.

3. Hundreds of parts per machine

Wrangling all those different pieces.

4. Differing service cycles

Adapting when customers need help.

5. Differing operating and maintenance practices

Figuring out how different folks use and maintain their things.

Real-Life Stories of Success

Let’s delve into the real-world impact of the approach

Example 1: Maximizing Revenue Potential 

A prominent systems supplier in sectors like food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals aimed to bridge the gap between projected and actual revenue potential for their machines. With data-driven insights, they pinpointed a low share of wallet customers, triggered growth opportunities, and reaped the rewards of strategic engagement.

Example 2: Boosting Consumable Sales

In the biopharma and life sciences domain, an instrumentation company aimed to amplify. They identified customers who should have purchased high-wear consumables. By targeting existing customers, they expanded wallet share and revenue.

Measuring Wallet Share and Cultivating Loyalty

Beyond enhancing wallet share, data-driven approaches empower you to measure customer share of wallet and evaluate loyalty. This understanding distinguishes loyal patrons from those needing more attention.

In summary, its approach is your gateway to unlocking untapped revenue streams and deeply comprehending your customers. Empowered by data-driven insights from Entytle Wallet Share, you’ll tap into revenue streams you never knew existed. If you’re poised to elevate your industrial success, embrace the journey – where understanding customers leads to revenue growth. Furthermore, in order to grasp the ways in which wallet share can fuel revenue growth and foster customer loyalty, we encourage you to view this enlightening video. In the video, Vivek Joshi will uncover the hidden strategies behind maximizing share of wallet.


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