How to use CRM to increase aftermarket revenue?

How to use CRM to increase aftermarket revenue?

CRMs of some degree have been used by all industries to do your basic sales functions: track pipeline, customer engagement, forecasting, and the list goes on. The question, though, is how do you take it a step further and make your organization more efficient and proactive by using a CRM to drive more aftermarket revenue? The answer is a little convoluted, but to keep it short and sweet, it takes time, money, and change management, and in the end, you might still not be there. 

Basic CRM functions aren’t going to allow you to drive more aftermarket growth without putting a little bit elbow grease and customer/industry knowledge (tribal knowledge) into it, and even after your team has spent hours determining who they should be reaching out to, they’re missing a key part of their customer history, transactions, and so on…

The other option I often see are companies who have upgraded their CRMs or are looking to upgrade, but even with all the bells and whistles, they often fall short and are left relying on a glorified digital journal that still takes the knowledge to deliver results for all of your customers.

Entytle offers Industrial OEMs the ability to take the data that’s already located within your CRMs (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.) and consolidate it with other integral parts of your business like your ERP, Service Tools, Excel Spreadsheets, and so on. On top of consolidating and cleaning your data, we have AI/ML running in the background that looks at historical transactions of similar customers.

By doing this, Entytle gives a single source of truth for your customer base, measures propensity to buy, wallet share leakage, predictive opportunities for your sales team, higher close rates, and several other great benefits. (see below)

Entytle's Installed Base Platform for Industrial CRM
Image: Entytle’s Installed Base Platform for Industrial OEMs

In summary, CRMs are a basic key to successful sales, but let’s face it, they don’t quite live up to expectations when it comes to strengthening your sales processes or increasing your revenue. It’s time to invest in something that delivers results.

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