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How to roll out an Installed Base Platform?

So, you’ve decided to invest in an Installed Base Platform and are intrigued on taking the next step of launching it across your company. Your obvious next question would be ‘How soon can I launch an installed base platform?’.

We’ve successfully launched the Entytle Installed Base Platform to top Industrial Manufacturing Companies in as less as 8-10 weeks; have executives, sales teams, aftermarket teams, service teams, and many more user profiles trained and use the platform as soon as the platform is launched, and have seen users measure the ROI on the platform as early as 1 month from the launch! Launching the Entytle Installed Base Platform is definitely an accelerated project timeline when compared to traditional ERP or CRM Implementations.

How would we roll out an Installed Base platform to you?

As every project entails, we would have to go through multiple stages from Project Kickoff to the actual launch of the Installed Base Platform. Throughout the preparation of the platform, launch, and even beyond the launch, you will be paired with a dedicated Entytle team consisting of a Customer Success Manager and a Solutions manager along with the oversight of our Executives.

Let’s walk through all the stages together…

Technical implementation

  • Project Kickoff: 

The Project Kickoff meeting would be the very first time where the project sponsors and your entire project team would be introduced to the Entytle team and the Insyghts platform. You would be walked through a demonstration of the platform along with an overview of the objectives and high-level customer use cases that would be launched with the platform. This would help familiarize the group with Entytle and build excitement for the upcoming launch! 

  • Project Preparation:

Now that the project has officially begun, we would ask your team to provide us with sample data sets so the Entytle team can start reviewing the sample data. Our team will guide you through this step by providing you with best practices and supporting documents for the data which would need to be provided.  

  • Business and Data Analysis:

Having experienced working with multiple Industrial manufacturers, we do understand that every customer is unique and hence it is very important for our team to understand your business and how your aftermarket business runs by organizing workshops that will allow Entytle to plan accordingly to create desired outcomes. We would also work with you to identify and understand additional data sources, and review sample data together that will allow Entytle to request additional data to ingest.

This stage allows for a smoother transition for the implementation since both business and data needs would be discussed.

  • Data Gathering & Ingestion:

Once our team receives the complete dataset from you, we would start ingesting the entire data to set up the Insyghts Installed Base Platform.

  • Application setup & Go-live planning:
    • Operationalizing your Use Cases: While data ingestion is in progress, we would work with your team to refine use cases based on the Business workshop lessons learned. We will also work with you on how these use cases would be translated into aftermarket, sales, and marketing opportunities and how they would be operationalized by your team once the platform is launched.
    • Testing the Platform: Once all the data is ingested into the Installed Base Platform, to provide your team confidence in the Installed Base Platform before we launch it to a larger user base of yours, we would provide a pilot user group access to the platform to perform User Acceptance Testing. 
    • Setup recurring data: Once your pilot user group completes the User Acceptance Testing and provides a thumbs up to go live, we ensure that the data is refreshed up until the go-live date and a recurring data delivery schedule is set up for ensuring that the Installed Base Platform is up to date!
  • Go-live & Onboarding:

Finally, we’re ready to launch! 

We will onboard all your users on the platform and organize a user training session to help guide users with a starting point to understand the platform and also provide best practices to use the platform.

  • User Engagement & Support

Once your Installed Base Platform is live, we will continue to support and engage all users and the core team through Open Hour Sessions, recurring project team meetings as well as release updates. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will also be reviewing your platform performance with you on a regular basis and suggesting best practices and improvements for success.

Throughout the process of the launch and post the launch of Entytle’s Installed Base Platform, we will work with you not just as a partner but together as a team.

Interested to learn more about Entytle’s Installed Base Platform? Contact us 

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