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From Data Gurus to Change Champions: Data-driven selling by Customers on the Rise

Last week, with our CEO, Vivek Joshi, I visited some of our prospects and customers.  It is always nice to match faces with voices. Despite all the advancements in digital communications, we are still far from replacing it with face-to-face interactions. The discussions were interlaced with technical topics with personal preferences and local happenings. It just makes it more wholesome. In the end, we all are human!

Importance of Data-driven selling

One thing struck us immediately: a remarkable transformation in how companies engage with data-driven selling and customer experience. Compared to just a couple of years ago, the shift is impressive. They are talking about more than just data but about real business use cases. The discussion in earlier days was more about if we can get our data story right, there are huge opportunities to if we can get our data story right we can do business cases 1,2, and so on. A subtle but profound shift. The other dimensions that came out in the discussions were

  • Gone are the days of data apprehension. Today, our customers embrace the true potential of their data, actively seeking insights to guide their sales and customer interactions. They also are not uncomfortable and fear that they will be able to get the data story right. With the right partners and tools, the confidence exists that it is possible and can be done. We witnessed countless examples of customers harnessing data for concrete victories, from personalized campaigns to predictive analytics fueling sales success.
  • Expectation elevation: The bar is raised! Customers no longer settle for basic data applications. They crave deeper insights, smarter strategies, and continuous optimization, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our customers are now completely focused on finding more and more business use cases around data. Let me say that they got the taste of blood. (For vegetarians- cottage cheese).

But wait, a plot twist emerges! Despite the euphoria, a common theme resonated across all meetings: change management woes. While everyone wants the data goldmine, getting there requires navigating the human terrain. Simply deploying shiny new tools isn’t enough. The real challenge lies in orchestrating a harmonious symphony of people, processes, and technology.

Some of the things that have helped us navigate that terrain and helped our customers in the past are to keep an unwavering focus on the values the data initiative can bring.

  • People: Data initiatives need champions and skeptics alike on board. Engaging, educating, and empowering employees is key to unlocking the full potential of data-driven strategies.
  • Processes: Data thrives on organized chaos. Streamlining workflows, fostering data literacy, and creating feedback loops ensure data flows seamlessly through the company’s veins.
  • Tech: Tools are just instruments. Mastering the dance between advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces is crucial for seamless adoption and impact maximization.

So, what’s the takeaway? Our customers are on the right track, embracing data with gusto and achieving tangible results. Yet, the journey to data nirvana has a critical pitstop: conquering the change management Everest. By focusing on empowering people, refining processes, and ensuring tech synergy, businesses can bridge the gap between technological brilliance and human buy-in, ultimately paving the way for a truly data-driven future.

Remember, the data revolution isn’t just about technology – it’s about us.

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