Simplifying Customer and Equipment Registration: The Communication Bridge for Industrial OEMs

Simplifying Customer and Equipment Registration: The Communication Bridge for Industrial OEMs

In today’s fast-paced digital world, Industrial Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) face numerous challenges when it comes to effective customer support, marketing, and equipment maintenance. One of the primary obstacles is the lack of a streamlined process for customer and equipment registration, leading to missed engagement and data collection opportunities. This is where Entytle, Inc, provider of the purpose-built Installed Base Intelligence Platform, comes to the rescue with its groundbreaking new product – IB Registration.

Understanding the Current Situation & Struggles of Industrial OEMs

Industrial OEMs have been grappling with multifaceted challenges, including ineffective marketing campaigns, communication gaps with customers, and insufficient data to personalize services. The absence of a unified platform for customer and equipment registration prevents them from gaining valuable insights into their customer base. 

The result? They find it challenging to tailor offers, discounts, and support services, leading to lower customer satisfaction and reduced aftermarket sales.

Furthermore, the complexity of traditional registration processes acts as a deterrent for end customers. In this digitally-savvy age, buyers demand hassle-free, research-driven experiences. Navigating through convoluted tools and processes to register their products not only discourages them from doing so but also hampers the generation of crucial first-hand data for OEMs.

Entytle’s IB Registration: Solution for Customer and Equipment Registration Challenges

Entytle’s IB Registration offers an easy solution to the Customer and Equipment Registration Challenges of Industrial OEMs. By leveraging the power of their Installed Base Platform, this initiative enables OEMs to create a communication bridge between themselves and their end customers. Here’s how it works:

1. Effortless Registration Process

With Entytle’s IB data, customers can have most of the registration fields pre-populated, significantly reducing the effort required to complete the registration process. In a matter of seconds, they can become a part of the OEM’s trusted customer circle.

2. Incentives for End-Customers

To answer the age-old question of “What’s in it for me?”, OEMs can entice customers to register their products by offering loyalty programs, customized offers, and discounts. This not only encourages registrations but also cultivates long-lasting relationships.

3. Quick Access to Support

Registered customers gain convenient access to help and support, ensuring smooth equipment maintenance and customer satisfaction. This streamlined approach eliminates the frustration often associated with seeking assistance. The availability of all equipment details will also help the internal customer support team, enabling them to provide faster and customized solutions to the customer.

4. Beat the Competition

With Entytle’s IB Registration Industrials get a chance to leapfrog peers and build and deploy a modern product registration and warranty management system

5. Smart Warranty Management

Integration of this product into Entytle’s IBP enhances the continuity of the relationship between Industrial OEMs and their customer, more importantly, enables “smart” Customer and Equipment Registration and warranty management based on the existing pool of installed base data.

6. Cloud-Based Solution

IB Registration is a cloud-based solution that uses modern technology (e.g. QR codes) for registration and warranty. It puts your customers at the center of this process.

Impact of IB Registration on Industrial OEMs 

Entytle’s IB Registration serves as the first step through the door for Industrial OEMs. By establishing a seamless communication bridge with end-customers, OEMs can introduce them to other valuable tools like customer portals and e-commerce offerings. 

As a single source of truth for the OEMs’ installed base, Entytle empowers OEMs to 

1. Clean,
2. Deduplicate,
3. Enrich,
4. Unify their data

All these combined would lead to ever-improving customer experiences for Industrial OEMs

Entytle’s IB Registration feature brings unprecedented advantages to Industrial OEMs. By simplifying the customer and equipment registration process, it becomes a powerful communication bridge between OEMs and their end customers. This initiative not only fosters stronger relationships but also enables OEMs to gather essential customer data for personalized services and enhanced marketing campaigns.

Get in touch with us to know more about IB Registration today to unlock the true potential of your customer engagement strategies and revolutionize your OEM business.

Take the first step toward deeper customer connections and transform your aftermarket sales and support!!

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