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A better alternative to spreadsheets for sales account planning

Let’s be honest, most if not all salespeople use a spreadsheet of some form in their sales methodology. It can be frowned upon, but oftentimes it’s seen as the easiest way to strategize what customers/prospects you have been talking to or should be talking to. 

ERPs and CRMs do exist for customer data management BUT…

ERPs can take a long time to load or be clunky and outdated, CRMs don’t have all the data you need, and the other sources that are siloed as well, so we rely on consolidating that information into a spreadsheet. There’s only one issue with this, the data you’re collecting in that spreadsheet is only known to those with access and is almost immediately outdated…

Entytle offers the best benefits that salespeople see in using a spreadsheet, but imagine it on steroids in a consumable format. 

We take all the data that your organization has to offer, ERP, CRM, spreadsheets, etc., and consolidate and clean it into a single source of truth. (see below)

 Source: Entytle’s Installed Base Platform

By doing this, Entytle gives that single source of truth for your customer base, measures propensity to buy, wallet share leakage, predictive opportunities for your sales team, higher close rates, and several other great benefits to make aftermarket OEM sales easier and more profitable.

In the end, spreadsheets can be extremely useful for day-to-day functions for a few customers, but it’s impossible to scale to your entire book of business. Entytle gives you the freedom to have all the data you need, served in one place, and makes your sales job easier. 

Explore Entytle’s Installed Base Platform for Sales teams. 

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