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Do you know how bad your Installed Base data is?

Bad Installed Base Data

So you want to become data-driven in your sales and marketing strategy, and you’re super excited about the way data will help you significantly improve your business? Well yes, it is great to be excited, but do you really know how bad your Installed Base data is? Let’s start with some simple questions: Do you […]

3.2 Billion Dollars, Twilio & the Future of Industrial OEM Installed Base

OEMs fast transition to digital future

I have likely already caught your attention with the headline. And, I am also reasonably certain that you were intrigued by 3.2 billion dollars, didn’t care about/don’t know who Twilio is & are unequivocally invested in the future of Industrial OEMs. So what really happened a couple of weeks ago? Forbes broke the news that […]

Driving Recurring Revenue Opportunities Within

Driving Recurring Revenue

Entytle Insyghts applies sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to provide a holistic perspective on customers’ asset, transaction and service data and improves the quality of opportunities generated for higher win rates.Get higher ROI and faster time to delivery. Download Case Study

Free E-book – 3 Digital Transformation Trends To Drive Long Term Organic Growth


Free e-book download Digital transformation is on everyone’s mind. It’s everywhere from the factory floor to the warehouse, and it’s now conquering the service, sales and aftermarket functions. In this e-book Moving past productivity-focused initiatives, industrial manufacturing leaders are now looking to improve 3 key areas of their sales, service and aftermarket operations through digital […]

The IoT for unconnected Things

IoT Connecting the unconnected

Get your free e-book IoT for unconnected things – E-book download Unfortunately for most, IoT (Internet of Things) and particularly IIoT (Industrial IoT) remain a continuously advancing horizon. Fix-before-failure, predictive maintenance, smart metering, asset tracking, have all been touted as the killer-apps of IIoT for a long time.To be fair, IoT is trending in the […]

Digital Transformation for the Service Enterprise

digital transformation

Get your free e-book E-book download: Digital Transformation for the Service Enterprise New data and computing capabilities, along with the introduction on the factory floor of innovations such as artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, additive technology, and human-machine interaction are set to change the nature of manufacturing itself.   In this e-book: Digital transformation definitions […]