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Streamline Parts Pipeline Tracking for Complex Machinery Installed Bases

Entytle drives efficiency & productivity so your customer-facing teams can focus on what matters the most

Parts Purchase Generator

Personalized lightweight Installed Base Automation

Parts Pipeline Generator is a light-weight, self-serve offering equipped with all the essential features for a personalized Installed Base Automation (IBA) experience. Simply register, upload your Installed Base data, and create tailored hunting lists.

Parts Pipeline Generator

Parts “Replacement Rate” Calculations – made simple

OEMs face difficulties maintaining parts replacement rate calculations in time consuming, complex spreadsheets. Entytle’s Parts Pipeline Generator solves this complexity and makes replacement rate calculations easily accessible to Aftermarket & Service teams. No more hassle of combining multiple sources of asset & parts data or indulge in complex data operations to drive results.
Parts Pipeline Generator

Pipeline Generator that can power multiple campaigns

Aftermarket & Service teams can now run several types of campaigns, including those to get rid of excess inventory, slow moving inventory, or obsolete parts replacement. This in turn helps inventory managers to better forecast demand and fulfill orders with a proactive approach.
Parts Pipeline Generator
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