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Entytle announces the launch of Customer Central 360 to empower Industrial OEMs

Entytle Launches Customer Central 360 to provide Industrial OEMs with the elusive “single pane of glass” to a customer’s activity across asset lifecycles

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, December 9, 2020,/EINPresswire.com/ — Entytle, Inc., which provides a purpose-built Installed Base solution for Industrial OEMs today unveiled Customer Central 360, as a “single pane of glass” unified customer view for OEMs. This workflow based on customer and market input is designed from the ground-up and is a significant addition to Entytle’s flagship Installed Base Data Platform (IBDP). This release is expected to be deployed in early 2021 to thousands of users across Entytle’s customer base and will be made available to new customers as a default offering.

As OEMs get larger and more complex, they lose track of and get less familiar with each of their customers. What’s worse is that relevant data that can help solve this issue is scattered across multiple functional systems of varying vintages creating the classic “multi-monitor” situation. Data is also of questionable quality, creating massive usability and trust problems. As a result, developing granular knowledge of each and every customer is a huge problem at scale for Industrial OEMs.

Customer Central 360 (cc360) solves this problem by unifying, organizing, and analyzing data from multiple systems of record and engagement, and providing analytical insights for each customer and each site where the OEM’s assets have been sold. In short, it unlocks data from its various organizational silos, thereby democratizing access to reliable customer data in a secure manner.

“At the start of 2020, Industrial OEMs were very focused on getting all their data in one place and planned to adopt/implement something akin to a Customer Data Platform. However, as the pandemic hit the manufacturing sector broadly, we started a deeper conversation with our customers to understand what they truly needed to succeed in the new world. This caused us to go back to the drawing board & design a single pane of glass through which Industrial OEMs could not only find all the touch-points with machinery buyers and users but also be able to make sense of those thousands of data points flowing in at any minute. The single pane of glass is powered by our proprietary data cleansing algorithms that we have sharpened over the years. We believe that without the perfect quality of input, any Customer 360 is exactly that – a 360 that brings you back to where you started. For our customers, we fix that data quality problem before building a 360 view of their customers”, said Vivek Joshi, CEO, Entytle Inc.

Entytle’s Customer Central 360 offers the following benefits:
Insights beyond raw data – Strong emphasis on delivering quick insights rather than mere reams of data so that Industrial OEMs can grasp information & opportunities quickly.
Designed for real people and real scenarios – While most Customer dashboards focus on information, Customer Central 360 is designed for daily scenarios that OEM teams face ex. Surfacing contextual information when talking to customers over a call.
Designed for everyone – Addresses the needs of the many with one single solution, including aftermarket teams, sales groups, services teams, product, support, and executives. It will offer customizations so each individual user can customize their own views without the dependency on IT or tool owners without affecting any other user.
Powered by the Best Data Quality Engine – Customer Central 360 data is prepared using Entytle’s proprietary Data Quality Engine, which not only identifies errors and quality issues, it fixes them too.

To learn more or get started on your Customer Central journey visit this link.

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