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Entytle Announces General Availability of Customer Central 360, Launching the Workflow to Thousands of Users

Customer Central 360 (abbreviated #cc360) changes Installed Base discovery for Industrial OEMs

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, January 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Entytle, Inc., today announced the general availability of Customer Central 360, the Installed Base discovery application with a compellingly simple user interface and experience. Customer Central 360 is one giant step in the evolution of the existing Account 360 workflow that allows customers to view Installed Base information.

Customer Central 360 was announced at Entytle’s December 2020 User Conference and was positioned as a ‘single pane of glass’ providing a unified customer view for Industrial OEMs.

Vivek Joshi, CEO, Entytle, Inc., had this to say on the day of the release – “Our customers tell us that finding relevant insights is the most difficult job for customer-facing teams within Industrial OEMs. Their current legacy tools have old user interfaces meant for recording transactions, not for generating insights. Compounding the problem is the unreliable data quality accumulated from decades of neglect. Customer Central 360 addresses those challenges.”

Entytle’s Customer Central 360 is different from several players in the market who have launched or are planning to launch similar-looking workflows. A combination of smart workflows that get users to insights faster, backed by a strong data quality engine that ensures that the insights are based on reliable data is the defining factor of the new offering from Entytle. Customer Central 360 is a blend of a powerful, industry-leading, data quality engine and an efficient user experience.

Vivek added that it’s encouraging to see that the market, in general, recognizes the need to serve the needs of Industrial OEMs in 2021.

Entytle’s Customer Central 360 offers the following benefits:
Insights beyond raw data – Strong emphasis on delivering quick insights rather than mere reams of data so that Industrial OEMs can grasp information and opportunities quickly.
Designed for real people and real scenarios – While most Customer dashboards focus on information, Customer Central 360 is designed for daily scenarios that OEM teams face ex. Surfacing contextual information when talking to customers over a call.
Designed for everyone – Addresses the needs of the many with one single solution, including aftermarket teams, sales groups, services teams, product, support, and executives. It will offer customizations so each individual user can customize their own views without the dependency on IT or tool owners without affecting any other user.
Powered by the Best Data Quality Engine – Customer Central 360 data is prepared using Entytle’s proprietary Data Quality Engine, which not only identifies errors and quality issues, it fixes them too.

To learn more or get started on your Customer Central journey visit this link.

About Entytle: Entytle, Inc., is a provider of Entytle Insyghts, the world’s first Installed Base Data Platform (IBDP) for Industrial OEMs to unify, organize, and analyze their customer information while significantly improving available data quality. Insyghts, a SaaS platform, incorporates purpose-built AI/ML analytics to identify sales and service opportunities to increase wallet share from the OEM’s installed base. Entytle is trusted by Industry leaders including Johnson Controls, Baker Hughes, Peerless Pump, Dematic, ColeParmer, and many more who use Entytle to drive organic growth at scale. Learn more at www.entytle.com.

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