The smartest Toaster in the world today was made in 1948

The smartest Toaster in the world today was made in 1948

What makes a great toaster? Or a smart toaster?

Is it the presence of a touch-screen, fancy semiconductors underneath the hood, and the ability to tightly control every aspect of the “toasting” process? Or Is it one with all the bells and whistles that would make smartphones look pale in comparison?

Well, the answer is neither. 

A great toaster is one that simply makes great toast !!

A great toaster simplifies the process to the barebones – drop bread, get toast, and get the perfect toast every single time.

Let’s face it, dealing with a toaster is the last thing on your mind when you scramble to get through your mornings (or dinner, if you prefer bread in the evening, then I promise, I won’t judge you). All you want is the toaster to do its job.

So, it comes as a shocker that the smartest toaster was built in 1948 by an engineer named Ludvik J. Koci and was called the Sunbeam Radiant Control Toaster. The toaster has been given many monikers over the decades, including the T-20A, T-20-B, T20-C, T-35, etc. 

What makes this toaster smart is not fancy gadgetry but a simple mechanism based on levers, a single screw under the crumb tray, and a thermostat. Simple, fundamental physics at work. 

Now, apply this to your customers – would they rather have their equipment serviced or parts delivered when and where they need them, OR they’d rather navigate through the maze of phone tags, emails, and customer portals, only to find that you don’t know their exact equipment need? 

Your customer wants to drop the bread and get toast. That means they expect you to understand their equipment & predict their needs. They don’t want a new way of logging a service request.

Entytle helps Industrials make the perfect toast every single time

Seriously though, we help you serve your customers better by cleaning up your Installed Base data and predicting your customer needs. 

So, you can become the Sunbeam Radiant Control Toaster that lasts for decades and not one of those new-fangled gizmos you will throw away in the garage in a few months.

Oh, also, here’s a beautiful vintage advert we found for the Sunbeam toaster clearly marketed as a wedding gift – 

The smartest toaster in the world | Entytle

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