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Unlocking Aftermarket Revenue Acceleration Through Entytle all new Salesforce Integration

For industrial OEMs looking for aftermarket revenue acceleration and sales, relying only on traditional CRM data is like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. In our world, where 90% of new equipment sales come from existing customers, the real treasure lies in your Installed Base. But without the right tools, that treasure remains out of reach, gathering dust.

Aiming to tackle these very issues, Entytle is ready to bring in a big change in the Aftermarket world. Entytle has announced the launch of its latest “Salesforce” Integration feature. 

Supercharge your Salesforce with Entytle: 

Entytle Integration will allow Sales teams to access the full Installed Base Data within Salesforce.

Entytle aims to be the gateway to a world where data silos are destroyed, and the true value of your installed base is revealed. By combining Entytle’s top-notch Installed Base Intelligence with the familiarity of Salesforce, we’ve created a recipe for aftermarket success.

At the heart of this integration is the promise of clear visibility and practical insights. Imagine having every detail of your customers’ assets at your fingertips like:

Equipment Specifications:

  • Access detailed information about each piece of equipment owned by your customers.
  • Understand specifications such as model numbers, configurations, part numbers, etc.
  • Easily identify the age, warranty status, and any customization details for each asset.

Service History:

  • Review comprehensive service records for all equipment within your customers’ installed base.
  • Track past maintenance activities, including dates, types of services performed, and any associated costs.
  • Gain insights into the frequency of service calls, allowing for better planning and resource allocation.

Predictive Analysis:

  • Utilize advanced analytics to forecast future maintenance needs based on historical data.
  • Identify trends and patterns that may indicate potential equipment failures or performance degradation.
  • Receive proactive alerts and recommendations for preventive maintenance actions, minimizing downtime and optimizing equipment lifespan.

360-Degree View:

  • Consolidate all relevant information into a single, comprehensive dashboard or interface.
  • Enjoy a holistic view of each customer’s entire equipment portfolio, including related documentation and correspondence.
  • Seamlessly navigate between different data sets to gain a complete understanding of the installed base and customer needs.

Insight into Installed Base’s Deepest Secrets:

  • Uncover hidden opportunities for upselling or cross-selling based on usage patterns and equipment lifecycle stages.
  • Identify underutilized assets that may benefit from additional services or upgrades.
  • Leverage predictive insights to anticipate customer needs and provide personalized recommendations, strengthening relationships and increasing customer satisfaction.

Driving Aftermarket Revenue Acceleration

But we’re just scratching the surface. This integration isn’t just about seeing the big picture – it’s about arming your sales teams to conquer the aftermarket.

With Entytle, your teams can easily spot equipment nearing the end of its life, suggesting replacements or service before your customers even realize they need it. This isn’t just impressive – it builds stronger relationships and loyalty.

And when your service teams can predict maintenance needs before they become emergencies, it’s not just about keeping customers happy – it’s about preventing costly downtime that can hurt operations and trust.

But what about the headache of dealing with data? Don’t worry, this integration frees your teams from the hassle of disjointed data and time-consuming tasks. With Entytle, your data is always clean and accessible within the Salesforce environment you know.

Workflows are smoother, productivity rises, and data-driven decisions become the norm. It’s a cycle that takes aftermarket operations to new levels of efficiency and profit.

In the end, this integration isn’t just about ticking boxes or adding fancy features. It’s about empowering industrial OEMs to unlock the full potential of their installed base.

With Entytle and Salesforce, hidden opportunities become real revenue streams through targeted strategies. You’ll build deeper customer relationships through proactive service. It’s time to raise the bar in the aftermarket and lead the industry.

The future belongs to those who embrace change and innovation. Will you be a spectator or a trailblazer?

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