Most OEMs struggle with
segmenting their customers

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Go beyond the basics

Traditional Industrial segmentation relies on demographic or geographic clusters. Entytle’s AI-generated segmentation addresses gaps in this traditional segmentation with behavior, and equipment data to provide reliable, high quality, and actionable data.

Go beyond demographic, geographic segmentation
Market research done in hours, not months!

Market research done in hours, not months!

Understand your customer in various slices without lifting a finger. Rely on purpose-built Industrial segmentation based on billions of industrial transactions. Best of all, Entytle’s segmentation works on-demand.

Your segmentation rules or AI – you decide

Entytle’s segmentation works both way – it can generate AI-based recommendations or use your existing segment logic. We connect your all your data tools, and clean your Installed Base data to make sure that every customer segment you generate is insightful and actionable.

Analyze customer buying patterns
Track your segmentation goals

Track your segmentation goals

Setup goals for your segmentation and move customers from a lower wallet share to a higher valuable segment.