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Cutting-edge CNC machines, Supported by cutting-edgeInstalled Base Platform

Cutting-edge CNC machines,Supported by cutting-edge Installed Base Platform

With a glorious history & legacy of 125 years, Hardinge is the leading international provider of metal-cutting solutions across the world. With Entytle’s purpose-built Installed Base Platform, the company solves a multitude of Installed Base data challenges that arise from multiple systems & tools. Hardinge is able to better serve their customer through proactive aftermarket and preemptive afterservice. Entytle is helping Hardinge scale their Installed Base workflows every single day.

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“Life before [Entytle] was spending more time trying to figure out what the data was, who the contacts were, where the equipment was, and whom to outreach to. After Entytle, we didn’t have to worry about and focus on our offerings and modifying and adjusting our offerings to customer needs”.Neil Johnson | Hardinge, Inc.

Entytle Installed Base Platform

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